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What do you mean it’s Wednesday already?

It’s that time of the week again….  What do you mean it’s Wednesday already?  Didn’t Sunday just go by with me saying that I needed to reassess (and reduce) my goals?  Oh, yes, it did.  Ah well.  Here we go again.  ROW80 check-in (here are my updated goals for reference…they don’t include the goals for the Fifty/Fifty/Me or the Telling Tales 2012 Challenges which fortunately seem to be rolling along quite comfortably as I note below). Continue reading

Friday Snack Pack 1.5

Short snack tonight, one of those “Open the fridge and peek at a couple of covered dishes that have sat there so long you are no longer sure what they had been, but they don’t smell bad yet” things…  It’s late, the bulb blew a month or two back, and it all looks suspiciously edible, but not.

Served up for the evening, we have:

  1. Dinner (and writing) music
  2. A huge bag of candy, or it it well-done steak (Oh, no!  Spoiler alert!)
  3. Succulent deserts for Zombies….

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Fiction, fiction, friction….

I got thinking (dangerous, yes I know)…

Reading all these blog posts for the ROW reminded me about the reasons that writers need to read other writers.  It’s a reminder that I need frequently because of how easily enraptured I become with research books and articles and news stories, etc..  It sadly is also a reminder I need frequently I realize because I tend to avoid reading fiction for pleasure.  And realizing this, I spent a little time trying to understand why.
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