Check the ROW-in 2/12/12

So on this very cool date  2-12-12 (like my son, I love finding patterns in things, like numbers) it’s time for another ROW80 check-in.

Short sweet… not much got done since Wednesday’s check-in.  For any of my goals I managed to:

  • write a flash fiction piece
  • and a One Minute Writer piece
  • gather all my half-read books from around the house for the Bookmarks Break challenge
  • read two chapters for my 50/50/Me
  • write a guest blog post
  • comment on several blogs, and return to comment on replies for some
  •  figure out the format and style for future guest posters on this blog
Cool Rock Art

Image via 9gag artist unknown

Nothing much more got done, and I feel no guilt.  I had other priorities.  The Boodle has been home sick from school and keeping me up nights.  And while I wouldn’t not do all the waking and cradling and comforting and tear drying and medicine getting–any of those things–no matter how many deadlines I missed, I wish there was a way to not need to do them.  But Marcus is at the awkward age and weight where his ped only wants him given acetaminophen or ibuprofen, and neither affects his sinuses or throat enough.

None of this seems reason to reassess my goals.  My goals aren’t the problem.  Soon enough, all will settle again  (Every day is just that little bit better; today Marcus wanted to play Fairyland on Facebook for a while, although he didn’t have the energy to stay online long, and he started another story about The Little Trains which is loosely based off the Little Cars CGI cartoon).  Baby steps…

That said, I noted impending changes coming on Wednesday.  I intended to put my goals on hiatus for a week to get some other stuff done.

My computer….  Both computers suffer from a lack of putting stuff where it should go: story files with weird names (I’m notoriously bad at naming things Stuff, More Stuff, Lots of Stuff, Random Stuff, etc.), photos that need editing….and you don’t even WANT to know what my bookmark folders look like.   Add that to my general desk clutter (I really should have participated in the Desk Clean-Up that so many ROWers participated in at the beginning of the year) and I have decided for this week until Sunday the 18th, my goals have the week off.  I intend to clean my work spaces, electronic and otherwise.

This includes getting a few things off my mental plate such as:

  1. contacting the people who have asked to do a guest blog post and sending them the word counts and other specs,
  2. straighten out the layout of my blog pages,
  3. finish transferring all my old Wordperfect documents into something I can work on and edit in Scrivener
  4. adding watermarks for my photos

I intend to keep writing my 750words (I’m on a 136 day streak…can’t stop now).   Hopefully I’ll be able to spend a few #teamsprinty visits there.   The #wordmongering crew really do get my creative juices flowing, and more often than not I find myself able to write pieces for my WiPs when I participate.

So that’s it fellow ROWers (and anyone else curious enough about the ROW to have checked this page.  Here’s the linky for the Blog hop.  Now go, check out some of the other great writers on our crew!  😀

4 responses to “Check the ROW-in 2/12/12

  1. Sounds like you were plenty busy, and plan to stay that way. Wanna take a break from cleaning up your spaces Tuesday night, or maybe clean the portable ones…..?

    Glad Marcus is feeling a little better. Hope the trend continues. =D


  2. I desperately need some clothes,,,,after that, will happily write!


    • Clothes shopping actually sounds like a lot of fun… Depends on where and when (and if you want company for the adventure)… I can’t do anything until at least 5:30 in the evening–it’s piano lesson day, and I’m the driver for that pretty much always.


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