Checking my ROW Feb 5, 2012

A little waterfall

Small waterfall on the Onesquethaw Creek

It’s that time again…. It always seems to be that time again lately.  Here goes another ROW80 check-in (here are my ROW80(updated) goals for reference).  I also have a some information to report on the Fifty/Fifty/Me or the Telling Tales 2012  challenges.

This was the week of the clicky keys.  A lot of typing go done this week.  Not as much on the transposing of old notebooks as I would have liked, but even a serious amount of that.

It was the week of new story ideas.  Even though I only made a few of the #teamsprinty 2pm  wordsprints on Twitter this week (and I was late for the ones I made), I have become truly addicted to the power those hour-long writing bursts have given me.  And I’m as curious to see what happens to Vant, ‘Listii and Vant’s mother as not, so I’ll be there tomorrow with bells on.

This was the week of the camera.  It was the week that I got out of my shell and clicked away.  The pictures mostly revolve around time with my son and his time on the playground or floating leaves along the creek.  A few were more experimental.  I experimented with the RAW mode for saving information, and I tried out more editing features in both Picassa and Gimp, both for my drawings and my photographs.

This was the week of the not managing a decent blog post.  I managed one (two actually, as well as my check-ins) and a page tribute to four photographers who have inspired me to try my hand at the craft.  The page Four People and Their Pictures is at my personal blog, and I’d appreciate it if you would check it out and enjoy some examples of photography from four wonderful people.

It was also the week of the Guest Blog.  A few weeks back, Sharon Howard put out a request for guest bloggers and I said I wasn’t ready.    I wasn’t, and I’m not sure I am still.  But, unless things go completely haywire by Friday, I’ll be doing my first guest blog post.  And by the end of next week, I’ll have submitted my next one.  And I’m looking for people who would like to submit posts (topic is “What Inspires Me”) to go on The Garden of Delights.

For my 50/50/Me, I was almost done with Robert Rankin‘s book: Knees Up, Mother Earth, but made almost no progress  there.  One chapter, that’s all.  Progress on Symptoms of Withdrawal by Christopher Kennedy Lawford  and Love Thy Neighbor: A Story of War by Peter Maass is slow but I’m still making some.  In the realm of myths and legends for the Telling Tales Challenge, I’ve been able to add two shorts to my quota–three if one counts learning about the history of Mani and the creation stories that form the Manichean view of Good And Evil.   The Three Oranges is supposed to be a legend from Brazil.  Then there was this page from Whisper and Thunder about How Coyote Obtained Fire.   I’m really enjoying myself on that challenge.  Thank you so much, Alberta Ross, for introducing me to it.

In all, it’s been a pretty amazing week.  Now, let’s please see what one will be like when I’m not sick and running fevers every day.  😛

8 responses to “Checking my ROW Feb 5, 2012

  1. It seems like you were amazingly productive, this week, especially since you were sick. May this next week be far healthier…..and I can’t wait to see the pictures you took. They sound wonderful and perfect.

    The syster vibe was working again……my camera came back out this week, too, =)


    • Hoping you’re right. The whole house is down for the count today, and I’m only up because of a deadline. Will be sleeping again soon. Glad the syster vibe working. I posted some one set of the pictures on Facebook last night. Got another set to post now. And Marcus had some things he wants me to take shots of today. Good tired times.


  2. It sounds like a very productive week Eden, and somewhat exhausting 🙂 I love Picassa for editing my pictures. Sure it doesn’t have some of the bells and whistles of, say, photoshop, but for my needs it fits the bill. Congrats on the guest blogging. Wishing you the best for the upcoming week.


    • Hi, Raelyn. Yes, it was productive. A bit destructive as well given this silly cold that’s hit the house. But… this too will pass.
      I know what you mean about Picassa. It’s not the most powerful tool out there (I have GIMP which has everything and an extra kitchen sink included), but sometimes all you need are some basic tweaks, not major edits. Though I do confess a desire to own a copy of Photoshop (with added toys) to play with, just so I can see what it’s like. And that goes for Final Draft as well. Though at those price tags… ouch


  3. Agree that you were quite productive this week. Give yourself a good dose of credit before you rest as you deserve it. Great waterfall picture. Look forward to more.


    • Hi, Karen. Productive breeds productive, I think. Even though I’ve been down with a cold these last two days, it felt wrong to not keep some momentum going… So, a lot less action, but still some movement has been happening. Thanks for commenting on the picture. The waterfall is actually just a tiny, little thing, barely a foot tall, but the whole stream is so lovely and interesting we go there as often as we can. If nothing else, getting out and seeing the world is good for us. 😀


  4. Thanks for stopping by. I totally agree, a pretty amazing week even if you’ve been under the weather. You’re going great Eden. 🙂


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