Putting things where they go for the ROW

When I started the ROW80 challenge, I had intended on keeping all the status updates as separate from the main blog pages.  I didn’t actually manage that.  I didn’t pay attention for the first few updates, and then I felt weird “changing” things in the middle of the journey, and then I wondered how I could actually move the old posts from one place to another (as far as I know, I can’t without losing the comments or doing a lot of dangerous text contortions…sad, sad geek girlie).  And so I almost decided I wouldn’t bother.


Maybe I should credit pigheadedness for this burst of determination as much as anything, but really it was this post by Jenny Hansen at More CowBell (a title that was going to entice me instantly BÖC fan that I am).  And though I’m normally a great fan of getting at least one thing done and off my mental plate whenever I can, this was hovering there, saying “Deal with me”, and I ignored it.

A Water Dragon I tried to draw

Okay, so he's really a lawnhorse...

I’m not now.

In fact, there are a lot of things I’ve been getting off my mental plate.  Just look at the tally of achievements I have to report today:

  • Typing — I’m already over half done with my weekly page count.
  • Exercise — more dancing and added some walks and light weights
  • Social Media — somewhat reduced, but more of an attempt to really interact with people, not just read their pages and comment on a single post, but to look at previous entries and really “meet” both my fellow ROWers, but some of the other wonderful people whose blogs I’ve begun to read.
  • Trying new software — It’s not so much writing related, but I experimented with GIMP (and Picassa some more) to bring out the colors in this picture after it had scanned in so oddly.
  • I haven’t done a ton of editing, but I’ve done some every day.
  • 500 words a day new material — Well, yes and not really.  On average, yes.  Not always on the WiPs or every day.
  • Renewed intimacy with characters — Yes, yes, YES!
  • Other artistic expressions — a bunch of photography today.  Must empty camera.

In all, so much good stuff, it’s hard to believe that I felt sicker than a dog yesterday and kind of “bleh” since last Wednesday in general.  As both Jenny and her inspiration Kristen Lamb say…  “Baby steps.”

It’s not all happening at once, but oddly enough, things seem to keep happening faster than I realize.  Now the scary part is coming.  I need to start looking in to a beta reading trade.  I need to think about asking for guest bloggers (I’ve found so many amazing creators of blogs out there that I must have you).  I…  I need to figure out why my main character wants to kill her husband.  Well, not exactly…  She has plenty of good reasons.  I just need to figure out what reasons are driving her.

And I need to post this.

And this:  Click here to look at all the other wonderful ROWers out there on the bloghop.

10 responses to “Putting things where they go for the ROW

  1. Hi, Eden…
    You have had a very impressive week! You’re meeting your writing and personal goals, and you haven’t even felt good! Keep up the fantastic work. Nice to meet you. 🙂


    • Thanks, Kristy. I think it’s more a matter of critical mass. When we all were feeling icky at our house, and nothing seemed to be getting done, it just seemed time to do something. And little by little, something upon something seems to be getting done. Hope you have a wonderful day.


  2. Eden,

    What a great post!! I’m so excited that the Year of the Water Dragon has picked you up and is carrying you along your creative way. It sounds like you’re on FIRE!! This is a fantastic update…I love seeing people ROCK the ROW. 🙂


    • Thank, Jenny. You can take some credit here. Back in December before I joined the ROW, I was poking around the sit and feeling my way out. That’s when I found your “More Cowbell” page (and all your awesome drawings of unicorns and writing) and I was hooked. I just didn’t know it yet. So, if I’m Rocking the ROW, it’s because I found some great band leaders.


  3. <3! I'll read fro you (always; you know that), and would also love to trade guest posts…but only if you want to. =)

    I'm glad Miah and I waited till tonight to start sniffling….so that we got to enjoy the waterpark…..

    Love that picture!

    You are rockin' the ROWboat,this week! Yay, you! =)


    • I would love to trade guest posts as well. Back (hard to believe it’s only been a few weeks…almost feels like many many more) when Sharon posted that she was looking for guest bloggers, I really wasn’t ready yet. In talking with a few people in the ROW though, I think it sounds like a grand idea.

      Rest though and we can talk about it when you feel better.


  4. There’s a lot you are pondering about (which is great); and it’s encouraging that you have written it down rather than let it swarm about in your head. In keeping with what Jenny & Kristen says, ickle tiny baby steps are the way to go -don’t take on too much too soon and by all means plan your day to how you will achieve then; you’ll soon be progressing in leaps and bounds. Why am I saying this? I know from experience the enthusiasm when embarking on this trail can indirectly cause you to burnout; so just wanted you to keep that in mind. On the whole, I think you are doing swell and I look forward to seeing your progress.


    • Spot on with how enthusiasm has the potential to encourage burn out. I was certainly on my way there, and whether it was good sense kicking in (???) or Fate Herself, I have stopped to slow down and really look at my goals and how I wish to achieve them with a sense of how I want to actually be when I get there (alive, happy, sane…little stuff like that 😉 ).

      So here’s to us all learning to walk again with surety.

      Thanks for stopping in again, Yikici. Your insights have a talent for fitting in exactly where I needed to hear some advice. So glad to have “met you” for that.


  5. A great post, and I love what you say about really connecting with people on social media. I need to take your advice and read more posts (vs. just ROW80 ones). I just wish all of us ROWers could get together over drinks and desserts!


    • Drinks and desserts sound amazing… But you’re giving me too much credit, Tia. I still find myself far too easily distracted by all the amazing ROWers and never get out there into the rest of the web as much as I’d like. Oddly enough, it’s the ROW that has opened my eyes to even more amazing blogs out there for photography, movies, apartment hunting even. Today, I found an amazing blog on origami floors! http://www.barefootfloor.com/blog/index.php/2010/09/paper-bag-floors-first-step-to-origami-home/ *I’m hoping I can entice my husband to try some of those ideas.)

      But if we ever do get the free time to arrange desserts and drinks, I know a wonderful place in Albany that serves amazing homemade cheesecake and a cup of coffee or tea for $5 flat.


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