Resuming Rhythm Feb 26, 2012 play

I completely dropped the ball this week.  I think I needed to because, despite all my best intentions, I achieved nearly nothing involving writing this week.

When I was trying to think of what to write, my conscience and I had a little debate over things.  True, this was my son’s week off from school for Winter Break.  And yes, it did affect the dynamic in our house somewhat.  And yes, this was also the week of dentist appointments, of social gatherings, of planning for events, of dealing with the home and extended family…

It wasn’t writing.  And truthfully, none of that made me feel any desire to not write.  I just didn’t, and there are no excuses, nor would I want to claim that the joyful home that I shared with my husband and son this week could ever have been the cause of my sloth.  I was simply avoiding all the reality of the world in favor of a week of just being with them and savoring their presence.

I had a very strong need to do this beyond laziness. 

So I’ll just tally what I did do and see what the result was…

Writing and Editing:

  • 500 words a day on my WiPs  –Nope, maybe 200 words of character development and world-building
  • Typing 5 pages per week –Nope, no typing at all
  • Edit 2 full pages a day — Managed three pages yesterday
  • prepare and post one full blog post per week on each of my blogs –*snort!*
  • finish my beta read and get notes out by Friday –Finished the beta read; fighting myself to send that email
  • Managed to write my 750 words a day minimum

Social Media:

  • #teamsprinty and #ROW80 word sprints at least 3 times a week –NO #teamsprinty time this week 😦
  • check new blog posts1 (one) day a week–Thou shalt not live on the computer! –managed this…spent most of the week offline
  • stop Facebooking and other time killers after 1/2 hour once in morning; once at night –Again, didn’t spend a ton of time on Facebook or Twitter or Reddit; did spend all day Friday playing a video game
  • exception– to return direct messages (I’ll still have email and Tweets on in the background) –with somewhat a delay, I did try to stay in contact


  • Get out of the house and enjoy life! –DID this!  Barring Friday and Saturday, it was NOT the week of being home (or near a computer)
  • Keep dancing! — Some dancing, not as much as I should have liked
  • Take pictures –I have a camera?  (take that as a big “No“)
  • Hug and savor my family…  especially my family. –HUGE success here…  After having been so sick and stressed out from all the things that needed being made up after being sick, and all the rest of Life(tm), it seemed the most important thing–being with my family.

Really, I have no regrets.  It wasn’t a week of successes, but it was therapeutic on so many levels.  I see no need to adjust my goals.  Something triggered in the last few days, a sense perhaps that the time to get back to work had come, and I’ve found myself moving  easily back into the pattern I’d set for myself.  Like a thing whose time has come…

11 responses to “Resuming Rhythm Feb 26, 2012

  1. Well done for dealing with the thing that matters most; your family!


  2. Wanna know something? I recognized the striped fleece before any of the faces. Then it was that oh-so-blonde head that’s a little darker now….then the boy on the slide.

    How long ago, now, was that. It makes me ache a little; I have no little children here, anymore. Glimpses, sometimes…..but even that is fading away in the light of their incredible bigness.

    I loved her in that fleece and her dancing eyes and all of their deliciously messy her and joyful faces. Those faces are more joyful now, and the mommies with them less harried and more grateful, these days….

    I’m thrilled you enjoyed your week, and that you took the time to savor them and your life.

    I’m doing that more these days, too…..

    Thanks for the post. Thanks for the memories. Thanks for the love.

    And the tears in my eyes.



    • You helped make this an amazing week, Shan. I had an amazing day at the co-op. I even had an amazing day at the mall on Tuesday, and “drop off stuff” visit on Tuesday. It feels like a thing that was simply meant to be, and so should be welcomed and appreciated for the gifts it brought us.


  3. I am loving your priorities and your attitude to them. Good for you. X


  4. You need a break sometimes. You need a shift in focus sometimes. Even our words need a vacation sometimes. You had a great week with your family, and that’s an awesome thing! The good thing about our writing is that it is always there waiting for us when we come back from wandering. 🙂


    • You’re right, Kim. I need to stop trying to judge myself according to what everyone else is doing. Or at least realize that I’m not seeing the whole story for their situations either.

      Thanks for the encouragement. (Though I fear I may not be able to leave the writing for too long–those voices in my head do get rather pushy at times.)


  5. Good for you for enjoying life. I’m trying to be better about embracing those moments. My girls are growing up too fast, and I know I’ll never regret focusing on them. I hope your Muse is eagerly awaiting your return!


    • Time with littles does seem to fly (I’m noticing it just that little bit more than normal at the moment because the Boodle is growth-spurting and all the shirts in the world are either too short or too wide). Those extra hugs and cuddles we share though, and the talks and the walks… I have to say, if my muses chose to abandon me because I chose my family over them… they’re welcome to go. My husband and the Boodle win every time. 😀


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