So Very Late For the #ROW80

I almost considered not doing this post, but it seemed a bit of a cop-out.  I’m able to type.  I’ve written things–a lot of things actually.  Thanks to #teamsprinty I wrote  some awesome fiction pieces (even if I’ve missed several days).  For about .05 seconds I felt kind of sad no one sent chocolate to make sure I was okay, but since I needed to make a drugstore trip for tissues and Sudafed I fixed that.

Buying myself chocolate was an obligation.  I’d promised myself some extra yummy chocolates (and donate two cups to 750words) if I made it through the January challenge.  Knowing that I’d decided to take on so many new challenges (ROW80, Telling Tales, 50/50/Me) made daily writing at the site seem harder than it would be, I guess.  The challenge went far better for January than it’s going for February, but I’m still holding at 133 days without missing one.  Although I missed the sign up for this month’s challenge, I’m still going to reward myself something small if I make it through…   maybe a canister of chai mix or some artichoke salsa and roasted garlic hummus from ALDI’s.  YUM!

(And for the record, I do know what my personal reward will be if I make it to the Pegasus badge on 750words.  Back when all the Fanny Farmer stores closed down in our area, the big loss to me was never being able to find the Mint Butter Bon green bars.  And no, the Andes mints are not equal, imho.  But thanks to having friends on Facebook who post links about their favorite chocolates, I know that Fanny May still makes them the Fanny Farmer did–I guess technically they are from the same mother company.  I wish I’d known that for my Grandma Krupka.  She loved those mint pastels too.  Anyway, if I make that 300 days of posting without pause, I’m buying myself a pound…and sharing them with my mother.)

Wow…  This is rambling.  It’s the way the cold medicine head seems to be (not) working at the moment, I’m afraid to say.  And if I try to rewrite it, as I’ve tried to rewrite things lately, I’m terrified that I’ll mess it up worse.  So please bear with me.  And enjoy the journey if you are so inclined….

What both Marcus and I have been like

The cuter of us in our ick phase

To try to get back on track, here’s what I’ve done:

Typing — I fell short by a page, even with the reduced goals.  But except for trying to get my head together for a Guest Blog post my friend Elaine Stock asked me to write (my very first!), I spent a lot of Monday and Tuesday being generally sleepy and unconscious.

Exercise — Since Sunday?  I got up and down out of bed in the middle of the night a lot to deal with a sick kid–does that count?  (As in, I’ve done squat.)

Social Media — not nearly enough.  I owe replies to people on my blog.  I haven’t visited nearly a third of the people I wanted to see.  Slowly bringing that back up again.

Trying New Software — does staring mindlessly at a video game count?  No?  Nope, nothing there either

500 Words a Day of New Material — Only by the grace of #teamsprinty and 750words did I manage this goal.  But I did it.  Often I exceeded it.

Renewed Intimacy With My Characters — some of them are being a bit stand-offish after my attentions had been so diverted, but I think the flowers and wine are starting to work.  If you don’t hear from me for a few weeks, check to see if there is a tie on the door.  😉

Other Artistic Expression — none… some photo editing in Picassa and time spent trying to figure out how to design a campaign for an older video game.  Didn’t get too far.

So that’s all to report.  Sunday’s check-in will involve some changes.  I have a bunch of changes I need to put in place (temporarily), because the Twin Electrons of Insanity which are my computers need some serious housecleaning.   But that is Sunday….  See you then.

And if you get the chance, stop over and see, not just my guest post which goes live Friday evening EST, but all the other wonderful guests Elaine has brought to Everyone’s Story.  It really IS an amazing page.

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