Stories from my worlds

Stonehenge mounds

The interesting part is in the distance

Here is where I will post, from time to time, any short pieces of fiction I may write (short fiction is not my forte) or introductory pieces for larger works.  I hope you will leave a comment if you stop by and read one.  It’s far too easy sometimes to be so involved in the creation that it becomes one’s reality, and the real world begins to drift away.  At times I have to draw myself back and remember that most people don’t know what a ‘tianei is or why the Hastor name all their firstborn sons with names that begin with “Val”.

I hope the little pieces begin to fall together as you read and that you begin to feel as close to these people as I do.

Welcome, then, to my world.

Some jumping off points:

Flower Wall

Flower Wall

4 responses to “Stories from my worlds

  1. I don’t know what any of that means! But I can sooooo relate to being in separate worlds. Looking forward to reading more…
    The Cockroach


    • I think most creative people find themselves caught between worlds at one time or another. Glad you visited, sorry I confused you (I did update the page after you posted this comment, since I’d been meaning to do it for a while and had been putting it off)… and I hope you have a chance to visit again sometime. I really enjoyed your posts (and your blog name is magnificent!).


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