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A Day Late, But….

I didn’t know these were still in production!

The saying normally goes “A day late and a dollar short”. It’s a common enough saying that a Google search for the phrase pulled up a movie title, a book, a song… basically, a lot of stuff.

The thing is…  most of the stuff suggests a negative in the same way that “dollar short” does.  However…  I don’t feel very negative today.  Yes, this blog post is a day late (and I may well be a dollar short…  I did spend more money last night on dinner during our local WriMo gathering than I’d intended), and I’m not only just fine with that…  I feel good.

I dealt with something today that has weighed on me for a while.  Over the weekend, I realized there was no way to make everyone happy as things stood, and I did what I had to do…  what I should have done months ago.  And…  I think (hope) I figured out a way to do it without being hurtful or inconsiderate of all the efforts and kindnesses of others.   The people I had to deal with in that particular situation are, and always have been, amazing people, generous and kind,  and they work and try so hard to help others.  It hurt to think I might have let them down, but in the end…  I did what I needed to do.

So, I feel better because I dealt with a very stressful situation.  I don’t feel better because there was a situation that had to be dealt with… if that makes sense.

Anyway, enough about me–let me tell you about… me. Rather, let me give you my ROW80 update:

ROW80LogocopyCharacters….  stories…  words…  ON paper!  It’s been just awesome.  Since Wednesday I’ve found time to write something every day; I’ve found time to read and consider story points beyond the writing (it wasn’t always story related writing), and last night…  wow!  What a Write-in!  I sat and sprinted with both pen and paper and my laptop writing alternately into both as the story ideas came forth in a form I could express.  End tally for the night?  Five written pages (back and front) and another 328 words in Scrivener.

I’ve written an average of at least 750 words every day except Saturday (my personal Sabbath).  It wasn’t all posted to either 750words.com or to the CampNaNoWriMo pages, so my counts on those sites are skewed.  It’s well enough.  The bookkeeping can wait.

Oh, and exercise!  I forgot, I did have some of that in my ROW80 goals list, didn’t I?  some Frisbee and playground time, some time swimming, my weapons class and karate on Saturday, yard work…  no push ups yet, but the strength building I’ve done seems to be helping.  I’m trying the baby steps this time.  I want to actually get there and be able to stay at that point for a long time.

That’s it until Wednesday.  What awesome news do you have to report?  Or even not so awesome news?  Let’s cheer your accomplishments together; let’s half the upsets as well.  We’re in this (writing) life together, and we have each other’s backs.

Apologies for Missing Yesterday

Welcome Spring... Boodle-style

Welcome Spring… Boodle-style

I was out and about with the Boodle yesterday, and my writing time came in chaotic intervals where I couldn’t get my head together well.  Of the several ideas I had for my What’s With Wednesday post, all of them seemed disjointed after I looked them over last night (at 3am) because I’d fallen asleep in the chair after waiting for my laptop to boot.

It’s an older laptop, but it’s not that old.  I was that tired.

It’s that same cold (or flu) bug I’ve fought for weeks on end of late.  I’m better.  I can get out and about and do things….  but not as much as I thought I could.  I wear out too fast.

Much to fast for anything like this:

Who am I kidding?   I was never up for this type of thing…  I just watched with extra envy today, because I agree in spirit.  I don’t normally like “vacations” either.  At least not the lay back and relax kind.  If I travel, I want to see and do things.  Sitting still or relaxing be a pool seems like a waste of the trip…

A friend from college days used to say a similar thing about getting drunk:  “If you’re not out having fun when you’re buzzed, you’re wasting it.”

I guess it depends on a person’s idea of waste.  Having spent enough time enjoying the fantasies and daydreams that come from downtime, I know that nothing is really wasted.  At least as long as one allows him-/herself the chance to discover the gift of the moment.

Not all gifts are obvious.

Wednesday was ROW80 check-in day

I have been writing.  Not as much as I need to catch up after my last Sunday post where I’d taken a break…  I’m still behind on my CampNaNo project, but I’m not too worried.  It’ll get there, or it won’t.  What matters is that I’m writing; I’m editing, and I’m getting out and about with my family despite fighting the sick and ick.

In that, I think I’m doing just great… great and sleepy.

This doesn’t mean I’ve been at the top of any game, but I’m running and hitting all the check points (I even managed to visit two extra ROWer blogs  this week for sponsor-like posts).  I’m participating in some of the Twitter sprints, except when I’m falling asleep during them (my bad).

Oh, and editing and reading are both going better than I’d planned.  Mostly because they feel like something I can do when I feel too tired to sit at my desk and type and think.

Lastly..  please note:

In Solidarity

In Solidarity

I normally do not post links of this type (though I do forward them regularly in my other social media networks), but since most of us are bloggers ourselves, I’d like to draw your attention (if you don’t already know) to some recent events in Bangladesh.   Blogging is real writing–it is saying things that could help, inspire or even offend others.  And…  in some countries, it’s dangerous.

These bloggers are writers–like us–trying to share their thoughts and feelings.  They’re trying to speak to the world, just as we are.  Their views are secular, but that’s not why this matters to me.  It matters because people should always be allowed to speak and write.  And they should be allowed to disagree with someone without fear of being imprisoned for doing so.

Of course, it’s not just in Bangladesh.  This happens everywhere.

I’m offended at all these people being offended.

(As a more fun, but equally thoughtful, closing link, let me pass along this piece on writing good social media comments by The Art of Manliness.  Enjoy!)


What am I Doing Here? ROWing Upstream

In the wake of insanity run rampant this week, I almost avoided doing a check-in yet again.  I mean, it’s not as if there wasn’t some kind of update on Sunday…granted I posted it on Facebook in the ROW80 group.  This is how it read:

My check-in…
I have written over 20,000 words in my JuNoWriMo novel, and most of them are words I actually LIKE.
I have kept up with my sponsor duties.
I have commented and posted on blogs.
I’ve allowed myself the emotional space to enjoy life and time with family as well as write.
I had fun hosting some of the #wordsprints for the WriMo.

I managed over 5K words yesterday.

I’m in a really neat section of the story and I want to get back to writing it.

"Writing on the wood is prohibited."...

I’m still maintaining those numbers, PLUS (happy big excitement time for me) I am finally figuring out how some of the real virtues of Tweetdeck due to my hosting wordsprints for the #JuNoWriMo challenge.  Much easier than running Tweetdeck and Google Chrome (and occasionally Seamonkey as well) to keep all the various accounts for things separate.  Since I often run several such programs for different tasks (notably to keep track of all my wandering logins on my laptop), this had not seemed to much of an issue.

BOY did Monday convince me otherwise.  (Monday and Tuesday evenings were very hectic sprints.)  But I think it worked out well enough.  And I find that I really love running these sprints.  A very big thank you to Julie Jordan Scott for helping get me involved.  And if Anna and Becca decide they need me for next year, they can count on me.   ♥

Wait!  Wasn’t this a check-in?

Umm, well, yeah…  But this is what I have been doing for my ROW80 right now.

  • I’ve been writing ( 29,871 words today for the one WiP and a little over 12K on the one for CampNaNoWriMo)….a LOT!
  • I’m learning more about the tools I have at my disposal here (ie. Tweetdeck).
  • I am still somewhat managing to do some of the social media circles out there (though my Facebooking has suffered a LOT since June started)
  • I’ve found some small amount of balance with the new home-life and pursuing the path to publication.  YAY!
  • Most of ALL….  Writing has become FUN again.

The only thing that bothers me about all of this happy chaos is the way that I have a tendency to get so caught up in the glow of the words and the story that I lose track and don’t visit those wonderful people who have encouraged me to get to this point.  Not just online, but in real life…

So this is a projection of what is to come for the next ROWnd…

  • I will not be a sponsor for the next ROWnd.  However, Kait has my word that I will happily do it for ROWnd 1 in 2013 if she wants me.  (I’ll even consider ROWnd 4 for this year, but since I will by necessity be away from computers for almost two weeks during ROWnd 3…  It seemed wiser to avoid it.)
  • I will be missing several check-ins
  • I will be doing the August CampNaNoWrimo–I’m finding this mad writing dash, then pause, then dash again…ebb and flow of writing works very well for me.
  • Beyond the WriMo, I will be dedicating the third ROWnd for getting my blogs and author pages straightened out.  (The awards I’ve received and the tags I’ve received will also be dealt with during this time–THANK YOU for your patience everyone!  I appreciate the thoughts–I’m just not that organized right now.)
  • I will be making a point in July to visit as many people I owe… real visits when I can, but certainly electronic as necessary.
  • I will be making the (so-far) Unnamed Story into an ebook (I think–still considering this).  So if anyone would like to recommend a good editor to go through the story with me with a fine tooth comb, I’d love a heads up.

So that’s it.  No Unnamed Story post tonight or at all this week.  I should have something ready by next Tuesday.  Although my “crappy first draft” energy is definitely being spent elsewhere at the moment….