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Wondrous Wursday

With apologies to the Awesome Rachel Also Writes for stealing her creation of Wursday (a term that describes blogging for Wednesday on following Thursday)….  here I am, a day late for my WIPpet and ROW80 check-in.

I need to get into the ‘Pet and the check-in pretty quick as today has been booked pretty full.  So was yesterday…  and tomorrow is looking stuffed as well.  But I just had to share this through I Fucking Love Science:  it matters to me because I have characters for whom old wine might be near as fresh as the stuff bottled a few years ago.  Of course, thinking about that made me wonder how much old wine and alcohol would be found on Acaria and Tralan.  It’s not like people would die and secrets forgotten as happens so much with us, at least not as often.  It would happen, but usually a person in my stories can go and find someone who “was there” to talk…  for the right incentives.

Human Male Chomosomes

Human Male Chromosomes

Stuff like this makes being a writer so much fun.

I even found a possible scientific explanation of WHY my characters go through the process of Pause and Renewal that gives them such long lifespans (and why it might not always work right) in this IFL post as well as  this piece by a wonderful local science writer friend, Ricki Lewis PhD.  If you’re interested in genetics at all, read her books.  Ricki brings you into the process and insights of researchers working on all the cool discoveries you see in the news these days as well as what possible ethical ramifications of such research can hold for people.  And her books are fun to read too.


Continuing along the thread of genetics, I chose today’s five brief paragraphs from the Was Long Variation.  My present (main) WIP is the Swan Song series, but I’m always adding to the many subplots and threads of both the Was Long Variation and the Dots, my two fanfic stories (yes, one started as a variation of the other, thus its name).  Five for the two and three from April 23rd….  I kind of delayed this post intentionally so I could do that.

Audric had begun to avail himself of the comp viewer next to his seat and was looking over the records on cryogenic resuscitation. His expression hovered between grim and thoughtful. The man turned to him. “Your people don’t seem to have much info on cryonic suspension. I find no references for your own people. How did you initially manage deep space travel without it? Colony ships?”

Alanii was tired enough that the effort to maintain his reserve didn’t seem worth the effort. He chuckled. “You mean before we discovered warp gates and hyperspace?” When the scientist nodded, he shrugged. “By being very bored. Very, very bored.”

The human looked at him askance. “If I’m prying into state secrets, you could just tell–“

Before the man could finish, he raised a hand to interrupt. A thousand blessings to a wise Goddess who gave all Her children common gestures to ease communication across their species. “You aren’t prying. There is no more than that. Ask Vartanian if you want more detail. He flew a few of those initial scouting missions.”

Their guests all turned, first to look at his officer, then back to him. Alanii sighed. He hated explaining simple biological facts to offworlders. No matter what words he used, somehow he always ended up feeling as if he was somehow wrong and unnatural for being what he’d been born. He tossed a lick of Code to Vartanian. -Explain it. I’m tired.-

Last week I was a bad mousie and forgot to give proper accolades and ovations to the Queen of Flying Monkeys and other Wednesday awesome stuff (like the WIPpet). From her place at My Random Muse, K.L.Schwengel hosts our weekly bloghop.  She’s on hiatus for a bit, but you can find the rest of us here.


ROW80LogocopyIt’s all good….

Seriously, it is all good.  Despite being a bit frazzled yesterday, I managed to keep on target for all my goals.  If this holds up for a week, I’ll probably add some others that have hung in the wings, waiting their turn.

Write every day…  I’ve managed well over a minimum of 750 these last few days.  We’ll see what happens with the next few as I can’t be at my computer as often.

The Boodle made his Green Belt

It’s so pretty

Spending time with my characters….  I got double value on this lately.  If I’d chosen to focus just on writing one story at a time, I doubt that things would be as good.   It helps me to spend some time rereading alternate pieces involving the same characters or worlds; even if the stories are imposingly divergent, they spark ideas.

Push-ups…  I’m up to eight good ones…  or rather, I managed 8 good ones at my karate promotion last night.  Yep…  a nice pretty new blue belt, all for me.  The Boodle received his Green Belt and advancement into the senior class.  Either way it means new katas and defenses and kicks and…  that’s not including weapons training.  I still need to perfect this kata for that class:

That’s it for me this week.  If you’d like to meet other ROWers, have a peek at the new linky.

What’s With… #WIPpet Wednesday

It’s rough when things are in transition.  I knew when I started this schedule thing here.  This was always intended to be a temporary arrangement.

Today is the last day of my What’s With Wednesday posts.  Two reasons for the change:

  1. I need to concentrate on my WIPs more
  2. They felt too similar to the Some Words Sunday posts in theme and style

Last week doing my ROW80 check-in visits, I finally got brave enough to ask about this hashtag  floating around — #WIPpet.  Some of it made sense–it was a way for people to share something about their pet project du jour.  I just didn’t know the specifics.

Now I do.

Since today is the first of the month, I have to share something that involves today’s date.

As my first WIPpet post, I’m going to share the first scene of a fanfic I’m writing.  (No moaning about how fanfiction isn’t real writing or a real WIP.  This story has been a sand box for some time, allowing me to explore my characters in absurd situations.  You can learn a lot about your stories when you play with them and allow yourself to just go wild for a moment or two.  As fanfics go, I write multiverse stories; this piece has elements of Doctor Who, Star Trek TOS, Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors, Babylon 5 and other sci fi shows.)


Sparks, flashes–closing his eyes did no good. His optic nerves seemed to broil in his skull.

The fire….

He scrambled trying to gain his footing, reaching for the alarm. His passengers needed to be warned, before they couldn’t get to the escape pod. Wait! he’d forgotten to show it to the pair upon their initial ship tour. He slipped on something wet–the foam extinguishers had been used already? Why couldn’t he remember? What was this pulpy lump he’d collapsed against?

“Shh, Herc. Please, don’t move.”

Gillian? He opened his mouth to warn the man. Something ground at the back of his neck. He wrenched away, and a dying ember exploded into an inferno. He gasped, his breath torn from his lungs.

Pressure. From the circling emptiness, he felt fingers, then palms, the arch of each joint and the firm press of the tips against his breastbone, forcing him back and down. Falling backward, flailing in terror. All around him the conflagration burned, blinding ash. How could everything be so bright yet he see nothing?

“Gillian? Jayce?” he croaked.


No one answered.

That’s it where it all starts.  Like other fanfiction stories, I am developing a fuller world for a secondary character.  In this case, it is Herc Stormsailor.  Though I certainly am giving Jayce his fair due….Oon not so much (can’t stand whiny robot-like characters, even as comic relief).

I’m SO proud of myself…. :-/

The laugh is…  I can barely watch the cartoon that inspired all of this stuff.  I certainly don’t see any of my characters as they are in the show.  But I still write this stuff…  Kieri Vestimorn of my (only finished) manuscript, Release, was totally inspired by my playing with Herc Stormsailor’s character and making him into something beyond what the series cast him as.

So, now that you’ve had a laugh, let me tell you about my ROW80 update.

ROW80 Check-in

Things haven’t been as inspired as I’d like them to be.  My husband is at a funeral now for his uncle.  We’re staying home because the Boodle is in a wired, tense, performance mode,  and he would be the only child there under age 18.

Even when one doesn’t go to a family event like this, it weighs on the mind….  There was a lot of back and forth about what would help the most, what sort of things would make his aunt feel best.  I wrote about a page for Swan Song, futzed around the house and did my sponsor duties but not much more.

My heart was not in it… nor was my head (as I was fighting one of my multi-day migraines until yesterday afternoon).  Now the Boodle and I are off for a picnic with his homeschooling group…  I’m not really interested in that, but we’d committed to it weeks ago.

Not the most upbeat post, but honest…  and there is a bright light on the horizon.  I had some fun with this post!  🙂