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Inconsistent Momentum

I’d like to say that this was a profitable weekend, and… in many ways it was. I accomplished almost nothing on my goals list however. If I’d had any kind of deadline set…

Well, I’m clearly not doing well on deadlines.

That said, I did reach some of my goals. For example:

  • I kept the ROW80/ROCs blog setup and pressed for the upcoming week.
  • I rocked the creative side with some drawing and photography (the picture to the left is from the B&B I was staying at for the weekend; the image below is my attempt to sketch the pocket doors between the dining room and Tina’s office).
  • I did some hiking (in the frigid wind of Frear Park and Westerlo Hilltowns) and reminded my legs that had become … “flumpy” after a few years of flat southern NJ terrain that hills and uneven terrain does exist.
  • And I found lovely waterfalls….
  • Read a lot of fiction
  • I finished one of my online classes

What I did not do was:

  • Write any new story (or journal entries even!)
  • Photoshop lessons
  • Prepare a post and join a writing bloghop

I’d say “win some, lose some”, and if I look at things in an overview of a week (and a week that I had a long trip and travel plans and visits planned for at that), I actually hit everything in my goal except posting to a bloghop (I did read posts and start looking for a snippet) and Photoshop lessons (and again, I did look through photos for prospects to work on and took my new photos with a plan for editing them)…. Basically I had a pretty good week.

So inconsistent momentum, but still movement. After all, it is about the journey more than the destination in so many ways.

A Short Post Before Chocolate

It’s Wednesday, and the first Check-in of the ROW80 ROCs… and I need chocolate. (Really! I told a friend I would bring some when I went north this weekend. Though, yes, I will be getting myself some too.:-) )

Some of the lovely chocolate I will be getting (more of!)
Mendiants from Mecha… Delightful!

I will be going here: Mecha Chocolate in Haddonfield Haddonfield… which is to me one of the truly evil delights of being in NJ. A little bit tourist and yet cozy… and a lot of very fun shops. (It is also home to two of my favorite tea shops.) If it weren’t for Haddonfield I would regret our move to NJ a lot more than I already do.

So… now that my priorities are clear, now for a Check-in

If interested, my goals are here: Plans

I haven’t been quite as productive as I had intended these past few days. Some goal reassessment is in order since I never even touched the drawing goal or the Photoshop lessons at all. I did finish week one of a class on Futurelearn that I’d started before Christmas however, so that some forward movement.

Exercising went well, I added in a very nice couple of walks and added a lot of sunshine (even if just winter sun) to my days. And I made progress on the writing goal. I didn’t quite reach the page count I hoped for, but I wrote and I figured out some things that had been bugging me when I thought about some of my characters’ talents. So, in general a good half-week so far.

I also did a lot of reading, both for class and not. And started plotting the next England trip with Pam (Elizabeth Anne Mitchell and I had been plotting a girls’ trip for years and had planned this spring as our date, but… well, some of this trip will be a bit of a memorial and a way to “spend time” with Elizabeth in my thoughts). It’s been a busy couple of days actually, so while I wish I had done a bit of drawing just for practice’s sake, I don’t feel I slacked off much at all.

Some days just won’t go to plan. And that’s okay. I moved forward and got a lot done personally and in general.

About the links… unless noted, I receive no financial incentives for posting links to any business or website. And all opinions, again unless stated in quotes, are mine alone as well. I just like to share things I enjoy in case others may be interested

Yes, it’s Thursday. So…

Yesterday was The Boodle’s birthday.  That’s why I didn’t post, wasn’t really even on Facebook, let alone writing up my progress for the ROW80 or setting out my WIPpet.  I pretty much spent my day at Dave & Buster’s at Crossgates (w/ lunch at Unos with the Boodle and his friend Sammie) and at my in-law’s house..  and the less said of the later, the better at the moment.

ROW80 and stuff

In my copious free time yesterday…  I did some journaling and doodling and reading.  I’ve been reading The Improbable President by Vincent O’Leary, which actually has nothing to do with our recent elections.  I picked it up on a random shelf-search at the Feura Bush Library when I’d mistakenly stopped in, assuming that this little treasure of a library was part of our bigger county-wide library system (it’s not).  For people who love libraries and old-fashioned libraries especially…  it’s old books and old wood and love.  😀

Next on my reading list is Studs Terkel‘s Coming of Age and Working People Talk…  I’m on a bit of a biography, interview, non-fiction craze now.  In think it’s because I find myself so regularly disconnected from the views of people around me.  I’ve always been one to imagine other worlds.  I love that about myself, but in doing so, I fear I’ve lost touch with this one.

As for the rest of my ROW80 goals…  I’ve been writing daily, thanks to the return of the #teamsprinty crew (not that we’re actually using a hashtag so far, but a set daily “writing appt is a very helpful thing).

I’m slowly getting better with my maintenance of the ROW80 blog.  Slowly…  Have to say, if it wasn’t for my left-hand on FB (Shan Jeniah, who posts the linky to the FB people), that progress would be slower.

Research has been going incredibly well.  The internet takes, but it also gives freely.  Here’s an example, a cool link in the NanoLand Facebook group about genetics: How can two blue-eyed parents have a brown-eyed child (not counting the obvious ways)?


MjAxNC04ZjBlYTU5ZmNiZjdiZjY4Do I have a WIPpet for yesterday?  Actually, yes…  based on the fact it was my son’s b-day and Women’s Day, I have a small piece from the Unnamed Story.  It involves Atyr and Vant (her son).  Eight paragraphs for the 8th of March

Vant winced at the shrill end to his mother’s rant. He didn’t want to believe those sort of things of his uncle. Didn’t want to, but did.

He’d seen Valistii Mirniia’s most recent psychological profiles. A razor fine edge stood between leaving the man in his Blacks and throwing him in protective custody for the safety of everyone around him.

Vant didn’t want to be the one to make that arrest; though he wouldn’t hesitate if it were necessary. Clenching his jaw, he looked at his watch and did a quick run through what his week entailed.

It was worth it.

Reaching out, he touched his mother’s cheek. “I don’t know what to say, Mother. It’s later than I thought though. I’ll sleep on the couch. Just let me change the sheets and you can take my bed. Tomorrow, I’ll bring you to the House.”

“What about your lesson?”

He shrugged and started typing in a message that Lan would receive as soon as his alarm went off. “When Father announced his Meditation, I became eligible for a month’s leave. I didn’t want to waste it moping and worrying, so I asked if I could save it for closer to the end. I’m putting in for it now.” He made a quick scan of the message body, set the trigger and closed out the note. “And before you ask, no, it’s not a problem. Lan knew I might need to take the time off on a moment’s notice.”

His mother smiled. Then, with a featherlight touch to his own cheek, she leaned over to kiss his nose the way she used to do when he was still small enough to sit on her lap without hurting her. “I’ll take your word for it. Will you call ‘Mara and tell him I’m fine and that you’ll be bringing me home in the morning?”

If you enjoyed that, why not head over to the WIPpet linky and visit some our other awesome members.  Glitter and ice cream to Emily Witt, our gracious host.