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Putting the Lid on…


Happy Boxing Day (even if you aren’t in the UK)!

For many, this day after Christmas is filled with visits and family and travel.  Be safe if this is you.

Even if you aren’t out and about, the day after Christmas is holds its own festive nature.  There’s less of the rush to ready presents on time.  It’s a holiday, but it’s a lighter spirited one.  Less pressure, time to sip the egg nog, to play with the toys,  read the books, chat…

The 26th has always been one of my favorite days.

This year it’s a bit busier than most.  My fault…  I should have done this post sooner, should have done my sponsor visits for Sunday on Monday…  silly stuff like that.  It’s all good though.  Monday, the Boodle and I did his fencing and piano lessons, and then we went out later in the evening for what he calls a ‘date night’.  It was really just a trip to Staples, the grocery store and Applebee’s, but it was a lot of fun.  I’m glad I braved what had looked to be icy roads to make the trip.  The driving ended up being fine, and the time spent was the real holiday treat .

I know this is true

Tuesday night we all went out to dinner for my birthday meal at the Mountain View Brassiere.  Discovery for the evening…  My son loves to wear dress shirts and ties, he doesn’t like crab cakes, he loves ‘duck a l’orange’ and can plow through crème brûlée even after eating an appetizer, lots of bread, most of his mother’s meal (I’d ordered the duck) and three drinks.

Wednesday?  It was Christmas.  Gleef, an old friend called me up to wish me happy birthday from NYC.  I got lots of hugs and smiles.  And the Boodle squeed over almost every package he opened.  A very, very happy day…

I even got my Derpy Hooves plushie and a blog post written.  WOOT!

Isn’t she the cutest?

What does any of this have to do with the end of the ROW80 (which is why I’m writing this post)?

It’s to say, I’m sorry for being a bit late with my sponsor duties and for replying to comments people have made on my blog.  I will be getting to them, but with all the rest of the stuff going on, I was glad to end a day with a little writing and/or editing put in.  (I did do those daily this time.  [Yes!  getting back into a pattern.])

And now…  to say good-bye here so I can get those things done before I’m too tried to do them again.  Well, after I bring some pieces of duck fat out to my kitties…  😀

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