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What to ROW About


One word:  SLOTHS!

There are so many things that should be put into the blog today.  I think I’m going to make it bare bones…  It feels more honest.  Not that it’s any more or less truthful to say that things went well and I just don’t feel like trying to describe it all in an essay online.    It’s just how I feel.  I have other directions where I would rather devote my energy.


(Photo credit: iamrandygirl)

Still, I should probably include some of the awesomeness…  If only because the point of these blogs is to actually “connect” with other people, and I am not making as much of an effort to connect via my blog as I probably should.  It’s not because I don’t want to spend time doing things.  It’s because I find the creation and plotting and planning of blogs so mentally and emotionally exhausting.

Blogging feels (to me) like what one might call “risky writing” because of its oh-so personal nature.  I never know when I am writing too much, too little, boring the reader…  And so much of the stuff (like this) is personal.

But because of the ROW80, I do it.

So, first piece of awesomeness…  The car is fixed…mostly.  The work it needs now, while important, is not likely to leave us stranded anywhere.  Just doing that has turned five grey hairs on my head back to brown.

Second piece of awesomeness…  The wheels have begun turning once more on my degree.  I have started the application process to SUNY Albany, and while I’m experiencing a few small snags in dealing with my old schools for records, everything is moving along steadily.

Third piece of awesomeness…  The Boodle has been asked to perform in a recital by his piano teacher.  (Yes, I know this has nothing to do with me personally, but anyone who knows the Boodle and how much he loves to perform will know why I’m so happy for him.  If you don’t know and would like to see some examples, here is a video (on Facebook) of him dancing.)

Fourth piece of awesomeness …  Carmina Burana.

I really shouldn’t have much more to say than that, but I cannot help myself.  I went to see the Albany Symphony Orchestra and Pro Musica  perform it with my friend Barb on Saturday.  Mostly I went because Barb had humored my earlier choices for concerts.  My one experience with Carl Orff’s musical composition was a CD a friend played for me, trying to share what was one of his favorite pieces of music.  I wasn’t impressed, and I normally love classical music.  And I love the stories and songs that Orff used for his creation.

After the concert I thanked Barb profusely for convincing me to join her and explained my prior hesitation.  She  stated that she’s never found a recording of the piece to ever do it justice either.  This (hour-long) version on Youtube by the UC David Orchestra is far better than the CD I heard.  The live performance though?  The buzzing as my blood raced through my body to  feed my thundering heart and the ecstatic vibration that filled me….  neither faded until well into the next day.    I don’t think I’ve EVER felt myself so moved by any piece of music before.  

But don’t take my word for it.  There is a link at the bottom of this page from a review via the local Times Union‘s site.

I saw a rock. Hi!And a fifth (but only last for the sake of posting) piece of awesomeness…  An amazing day off the computer, spending time with my husband and son, talking, relaxing and just “being”.  Different than simply a computer free day, this was also a re-immersion in those this that we treasure so much.  We talked (literally for hours and almost forgot to make lunch), we hugged a lot.  We played games.  We danced around the house…

Really…  these are just highlights of what ended up being an amazing week all around.

My keyboard has a bend in the middle of it.  I swear…  It wouldn’t be that remarkable, except that this is my laptop I am typing on at the moment.  And the very top row of keys is clearly swoopy.

Umm, yes!  I lost track of my thoughts.  The mind is fitting that picture so very well right now…

I’m slowly letting my pierced ears close up.  Or quickly…  Depends on how one looks at it.  I just realized, I don’t feel better when I have to worry about jewelry.  Even the lovely pieces that Michelle from Ivaldis Dream Trove custom made for me.  I love them, but I also have trouble keeping the earrings in the ears.  And finding an earring that I could sleep in…

Bradypus variegatus Deutsch: Braunkehl-Faultie...Eventually my inner sloth (a lot of sloths going about the ROW80 today…  Lauren Garafalo has an extra gorgeous one for her check-in) said…  who wants to fuss with these silly things all the time?  I mean, really!  I haven’t felt comfortable getting my ear lobes nibbled in…

Oh, yeah… hmm…

Time to give that check-in…

My original goals for this ROWnd are here.  So far, I’ve managed to catch up on the my sabbatical day, but I am running a bit behind on the “fresh fiction” I intended to write for the NaNoWriMo stories.  There has been no progress on the timeline, yet again.  But my fingers have been flying across the keyboard for edits and typing.  I’m at least 3 pages ahead on typing, and about a half a chapter ahead on editing.  Small chapter, but still ahead.

I am starting to explore Liquid Story Binder XE to see what I think of it compared to Scrivener, so the new software feature is a “check”.  So far I’m not inspired to move to a different program.  Story Binder is “pretty”, but it’s almost distractingly so.

Oh, yeah…  and exercise.  Some, but not a lot.  Despite all the awesomeness, three days last week got wasted on migraines and nausea.  I’m rather used to it but a bit resentful.  I want to know who’s been partying out there and sending me their psychic hang overs.  I mean, I didn’t get out of any of my own sorority-pledging, frat-party crashing, college idiocy.  I shouldn’t have to do it again.  :-/

Oh, and lastly, some thoughts on e-books via Writer Beware….  So, I’m curious.  I remember my first ebook, but only because so far I’ve read two.  How about you?  How many titles do you remember?