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A Little Something and a Tuesday Snippet

I missed my Tuesday Snippet last week.  I must have been in another world of some kind.  By Wednesday, I completely had forgotten I had missed it.

I thought Life had been pretty easy on me.

Well, here I am, still late, offering an apology to you all.  Sorry.  I’m a ditz.  Not only that…  I’m a ditz who writes.  Very dangerous!

Now that all the supplications have been made allow me to add “I have nothing to say today” as the majority of this post.  That’s right.  I’m posting about nothing.  I’m posting a snippet and deliberately NOT filling you all in about the events of the past few days.  Mostly because they’ve been sucky, but also because I’m still trying to figure out what actually happened.

Do you ever have days like that?  When suddenly everything that seemed to have been going well just dissolves into emotional sludge and you feel like you’re drowning in some subterranean ocean (no air pockets here, btw)…

Oh, and just for the fun of it…  Here’s a One Minute Writer piece I wrote today for the “Clothes” prompt (to describe the most comfortable clothes and make the reader “really feel them“):

They were soft, not quite like another skin, warm in the light of the sun, but allowing the cool of the breeze to drift through, just enough.  There were no lines, no seams…  the colors, the way the weave of the fabric was so smooth that I cannot feel even the drag of the spirals and whorls of my fingerprint.

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