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Farewell Mrrrpp

Earlier, when I started this post, I had all sorts of snarky things in my head to say.  It was Wednesday, the world seemed to have gone mad yet again, and I was feeling …  well, like something was going to happen.

the Handsome Boy

the Handsome Boy

I don’t want to feel that way anymore.  I just want to go back to this morning.   It’s wasn’t a perfect morning.  Heck, it wasn’t even the best morning.  It had good bits though, and I want those back.

Most of all, this morning, Mr. Kitty hadn’t been injured.

He didn’t need an emergency trip to the vet.

Most of all, he didn’t need to be put to sleep because he’d suffered severe spinal nerve damage and had lost all sensation (and function) from about the middle of his back, down.

The vet wasn’t sure if it had been the result of a blood clot or an injury caused by a car or some other violence.  Because of the damaged nerves and his heart murmur, she didn’t see a good chance of recovery from surgery.  He couldn’t eat or drink…  he’d lost function effectively below the waist.  He could purr and cry softly at me.  He could panic a bit about the overly friendly pittie at the vet’s office (who stayed well away, but was close enough to smell and therefore was a possible threat).  He was still able to be comforted by a scritch behind the ears and be pissy and unsettled when the vet or her assistant touched him.

He was himself right up to the end.

Fluffle and Mr. Kitty

Fluffle and Mr. Kitty

But, for the record, there is little that feels as wrong as those last loving touches that you give your pet as the vets are giving them the sedative and the barbiturate shots.  I know he felt no pain, but I also know he was mostly gone by the time I was able to say good-bye.  I know that’s standard procedure, I know our vet and she is wonderful and wanted him to suffer as little as possible (despite the nerve damage, he was suffering because of lost function), but…  I wish I’d been able to be with him before the first shot a bit longer.  I know he knew I was there for a moment–he tried to fight the sedative pretty hard, constantly opening and closing his eyes, trying to focus on me a few times when I spoke to him, his ears flicked slightly.  But the drugs are meant to be strong, and he wasn’t going to fight his way through this.

Why is it the animals that cause us the most grief are the ones we become the most attached to?

I think that as Flufflepuff comes over and begs for hugs.  I think both he and JuJuBee are missing their window companion.

Au revoir, Monsieur

Au revoir, Monsieur

Now onto normal Wednesday affairs…

The WIPpet

No fancy WIPpet maths today.  Six sentences.  It’s your choice whether that’s for the 6th month or for the addition of the 1&5 of the date.  And yeah, I stepped back a few more pages yet again in the Unnamed Story.  At this rate…  I’ll be reposting stuff.

Can any of you guess who Alanii is speaking about?

Alanii snorted. “I’ve seen what his lovers look like, Atyriia. That man doesn’t know anything about seducing a woman gently. His wife had been an ale wench. She’d been the only woman to ever share his bed and not leave it covered in bruises. And only because she could pick him up and throw him out of the room if she needed.”

Enjoyed that  bit?  Well, then head over to the WIPpet linky and visit other WIPpeteers. A shout out and hugs to Emily Witt for hosting the hop these days.

The ROW80 Check-in

I don’t have much to say today.  Things are…  well, until today, things had been on track.  This is the only writing or writing related activity I’ve done today though.  Studying up on what drugs are actually used in euthanasia  for cats is the only reading I’ve done.  Hanging out on Facebook and trying to lose my head in other people’s lives is the only interaction I’ve achieved.

Mostly it has worked.  I wrote this post.  I had other plans to write about today.  Maybe Sunday…  Maybe I’ll post a Friday Photo on my other blog…  I don’t know.  It’s too far ahead to plan now.

All The Cats

JuJuBee Mabee

JuJuBee Mabee

Those of you who have more than one pet in the house know how favorites can be picked by those pets….  how one person will get all the attention from one particular animal and be ignored by the other(s), or how each animal tries to commandeer your attention and keep you from paying attention to the other pet(s).  The ins and outs of high school cliques must have their inspiration from how pets handle their humans.

Three cats live at our house: two inside, one outside.  The two inside kitties, JuJuBee and Flufflepuff, are supposedly by son’s cats.  Well, JuJuBee is, except when she wants the food dish filled at 4am  or when she needs to makes sure I’m tucked into bed at night and wants to make sure my neck is warm by laying across it (which was a lot more comfortable when she was a kitten).

Flufflepuff Mabee in his glory

Flufflepuff Mabee in his glory

Flufflepuff and our outdoor cat, Mr. Kitty,  seem to have adopted me as their human as well.  I would like to call them Yin Yang cats, but…  their stories are too similar.

Flufflepuff is JuJuBee’s brother.  He’s nothing like her.  Where she’s brazen and convinced that everything is for her to enjoy, Fluffle is terrified of pretty much any sound, movement,… probably even thought.  We’ve had him in the house for about a year now…  the first several months we had to keep him in a dog kennel because we needed to know we could catch him for vet visits, neutering, etc.  Two months ago, I finally was able to touch him without bleeding (profusely).    Now…  he follows me around the house, begs me for hugs, and oh…  the purring.


Mr. Kitty does NOT like the flash

Mr. Kitty was (still is mostly) a feral cat that had latched onto our house because I leaving food outside for our rebel-without-a-clue cat, Stimpy (who died last year from… well, choosing to go outside during really bad snowstorms and old age).  I can pet Mr. Kitty; he runs in terror when anyone else comes within sight, then “mrrps” (quite pitifully, I might add) at me when he gets brave enough to come out.  He too follows me around, gets under foot, and the purring…

If the studies really are true about purring…  I am one of the healthiest women alive.

I also feel… well, spread thin sometimes.  The two furry gentlemen in my life are pretty possessive.  When I go out to feed Mr. Kitty, he will dance, and hug, and purr, and basically show me how wonderful he thinks I am, complete with mice, moles, birds, etc. and a tail full of burdock seeds (and probably ticks) to decorate all my clothing.  When I go to bed, I am drowned in cats and am woken to wet noses on my face as the sun rises…   Fluffle and the Jellybelly Girl (my nickname for JuJuBee) literally take turns demanding attention.  It’s sweet, and normal…  it’s what cats (and people) do.

It’s a social animal thing, and the fact that it can make me feel so emotionally weary sometimes makes me wonder…  am I not a social animal?

Just wondering….  It’s not ask if I want to get rid of any of the furry folk at our house.  If Mr. Kitty misses one of his usual three to four visits a day, I worry about whether he got hit by a car (I’d bring him inside, but there are… issues involved).   Fluffle and Belly make great foot warmers, and they love to play together so much, just watching them brings joy.

But it does make me wonder…

Anyway, it’s time for the “real” reason I’m writing this post… a:

ROW80 Check-in

ROW80LogocopyA lot of false starts the last few days…

Of my original goals, I met each one at least once, but I missed a day here and there on every one.

  • Writing, I managed one day of new fiction, scoring about 250 new words.
  • Time with characters/storyworld — a bit better here.  I managed something each day, and today at while walking on the track, I came up with a cool scene for Alanii’s training in the Guard
  • Pushups/general fitness — Swimming Monday, some walking yesterday, push-up training plus track and swimming today…

Of my added on goals…

  • time with camera daily…  not only on target, but I think I got some amazing shots
  • French and German daily 10 minutes — I missed yesterday and I’m behind on my German even more.  I need to spend another 5 minutes to get on track today
  • MOOCs…  no progress.

So, not a bad check-in.  Could be better, but…  it’s still mostly moving ahead.  That’s my ROW80 check-in.  There are other ROWers out there who need your support and would love a visit.  Find them here!

Post Trip Monday

Yesterday was the day of the drive.  It was Grandpa’s 92th birthday, and so the Boodle and I picked up Mom (he’s her dad after all) and we hightailed it out to Syracuse to eat double chocolate cupcakes and ice cream and talk about harmonicas and family photos and old tractors.

Happy 92, Grandpa!

Happy 92, Grandpa!

So…  I didn’t get much writing done (Friday I was sick icky bleh!) since Wednesday.  Getting back into the flow of writing daily and not in spurts and bubbles isn’t happening quite as fast as I’d like, but it does seem to be happening.  Even when I didn’t write, I pulled out the notebook and gathered up a pen…  just one more step to go.

I did reread/review some of my other story-work everyday (except yesterday); I got up and moved every day except Friday, and I made time daily for some happy reading time.  Slow, steady progress and plans for consistency…

Consistency is the dog that hounds me.

But since we don’t have a dog…  here is Mr.Kitty my (mostly feral) lovebug begging for scritches.  If he didn’t panic and go into full “Fight or Flight” mode at the slightest sound or shift in movement, I’d have him in the house with us too.  He so wants love and stroking and head bonks…

Someone couldn't stay still for the photo...  he wanted to hug the camera and the hand holding it

Someone couldn’t stay still for the photo… he wanted to hug the camera and the hand holding it