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Was going to be Friday Snack Pack

Now it’s just cold two day-old leftovers.

This post was supposed to go out on Friday.  It’s almost Monday now and past time for my ROW80 check-in.  Delays, STUFF (our car needs an exhaust, and it’s going to cost us nearly $900 dollars–who in their right mind spends that much for an exhaust on a 14-year-old car?) and exhaustion have taken their toll since Wednesday.  I can pretty much say that until Saturday morning struck, nearly nothing got done toward any of my goals, except the goal of spending more quality social media time.  Oh, wait!  Not quite true…  While waiting for the verdict on the car, I did manage to gather all the pieces that became this post on my other blog.  So chalk up some creative writing and a lot of typing as well!

It’s always nice to find out things are never as bad as you feared.  After all, I did dance.

I was originally thinking that I may start doing scheduled theme-based posts. Of course, there are these check-ins, but something more as well.  Something that shows a bit about what’s happening, what’s interesting, and what’s coming up. And in that spirit, here is the first installment of will be the Friday Snack Pack.

  1. a small review of my reading Red Neck, Blue  Collar, Atheist by Hank Fox
  2. some personal observations about kids clothing and marketing
  3. a mini-review of V for Vendetta

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