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Why do it?

ROW80LogocopyThese bi-weekly check-ins can make things so hard sometimes.

I mean, that day of wild dancing with the Muse makes for a great report, but the afterhours flumping really hurts any sense of achievement.  And of course, days and weeks of (hopefully) steady progress, no change

I try to not get too frustrated by this bi-polar aspect of my writing (or how the ROW80 has highlighted it for me).  I’m not always successful.  The highs can be exhilarating and addictive.  The lows can be depleting and heart-breaking.  And the steady-as-she-goes….

That can feel pretty boring at times—both to read about and to write about.

I think that’s why so many writing “challenges” out there exist like NaNoWriMo, Story-A-Day, NaPoWriMo, JuNoWriMo, etc.  The Writer’s High, the ecstasy of writing lots of words fast is a damned powerful thing.  It doesn’t often last.  For me, a NaNo Writer’s High usually wears off about halfway through the week, then I need to recover for another weekend burst of speed and inspiration.  Talk about exhausting!

So…  Why am I going to try to convince you to join yet another Novel Writing Month challenge?  Would you believe me if I told you it was for the sprints?

It is, actually.   At least, for me, it is the sprints.

See, I used to be one of those flump on the bed with notebook and pen people…  then I started writing on a computer.  Great for editing and a bit of a time-saver on occasion…  but there’s something about the distraction a computer offers (even a computer without internet access) to the distraction of sprawling amid comforters and pillows.

But I’ve found that getting involved with the writing community for sprints helps me move past certain distractions. So, these days when I join a WriMo, I often do so knowing full well that I might not make those precious 50K words, and I don’t care.  I do it for the social aspect, for the accountability that sharing wordcounts offers…  I do it for the sprints.

The Things We Do

The Things We Do

So, why not join me this coming June for yet another word frenzy.  Rebel like I am (I’ve already stated my goal for this year’s JuNoWriMo will be 50K word added and deleted…  I’m in full re-write mode on Courting The Swan Song, and I have no intention of braindumping this year).  In the end every writing challenge is yours to use as YOU need it.

Besides…  there are some nifty prizes.  No cookies, but still nifty.

(This need for accountability and social contact with other writers is also why I’ve stayed in the ROW80…  the Writing Challenge that knows you have a Life, for so long.)

And speaking of accountability…  here is my ROW80 check-in:

  • write every day…  oops!  I kind of blew yesterday unless one counts eliminating about 50 words from a section of CtSS (I’m counting it, since editing and reworking a story is part of the writing process)
  • spend time with my characters daily…  yep.    I’m in the preplanning stage for JuNoWriMo, so I’m spending a lot of time with them.  Though Tuesday, I somehow found myself spending more time trying to figure out Release than CtSS.  Which isn’t that bad, I guess…  except the Swan Song series comes before the Parvenu series in my world’s timeline.
  • still not there with my push-ups…  I can do eight mediocre ones now (up from my zero in January).  And somehow, despite months of doing them regularly, I still find those the last 5-10 jumping jacks at the beginning of class kill my right leg.  I will keep doing them though.
  • daily time with my camera….  yep.  Though I need to get some editing done soon.  And since my desktop PC is starting to act flukey, I need to transfer all my images to backup storage as well.

That’s it for me.  Why not go visit other ROWers too and see what they are doing?

Present Only In Thought

It’s WIPpet Wednesday, yet again.  That wonderful day of the week when I and several fellow writers share something of a work in progress to bemuse and delight you….

Before that, I wanted to note an upcoming event that I love…  JuNoWriMo is coming soon.  If you’re a fan of Writing Months, like NaNoWriMo or the more relaxed CampNaNoWriMos…  or events like Story-A-Day (going on now!), you might like to join our summery crew.  We’re a relaxed group, we love to sprint for words, and…  we have cookies.

Okay…  maybe we don’t have cookies.  Well, not exactly.  I have cookies.  Does that count?

Insert creepy monotone voice here (courtesy of QuickMeme)

Insert creepy monotone voice here

Anyway, JuNoWriMo!  Join us!

With love, a long time JuNoRebel and SprintLeader


This week, I chose an excerpt from another “sandbox” piece… that is, a piece from another of my fanfictions: this time, The Dots (of which the oft quoted Was Long Variation is…  a variation).  Eleven sentences for May 6th (5/6):

He’d heard enough about the man.  Between mistrust the children still felt toward him and how perfect this Captain had obviously been, it was all he heard.  The children raved of how they loved the man.  Atyriaa talked of how he’d intrigued her.

She whispered his name in her sleep.

He was heartily sick of the man. He didn’t know him, but he’d grown to despise him nonetheless. Years of misunderstanding didn’t hold him from his lady’s side now. Now he slept in the same bed with her—, but he wasn’t allowed to hold her.

Last night he’d left the room. He refused to sleep with another man, even one present only in thought.

Oh… silly, silly, Alanii.  You’ve got a lot to learn, don’t you?  And not just about the man Atyr slept with once….

Anyway, that’s it for me.  Why not visit some other WIPpeteers and see what they’re working on.  New authors are always welcome.  Just follow a few simple rules:  offer up a shout out to the Keeper of the WIPpets (and flying monkeys) KLSchwengel at My Random Muse, and make your excerpt have something to do with the date.  Oh…  and add your link to our linky list so we can find your work.


The Easy Way Out



Whirl-fire (Photo credit: Loving Earth)

Doing a WIPpet this week almost didn’t happen.  I didn’t realize what was wrong until reading Dawn Montgomery’s ROW80 sponsor post Monday.  In fact, the post resonated so much with me, I reblogged it.

Slogging along editing my work hasn’t been working well.  I want to spend time with the “fun characters”.  While I like Alanii, I feel I know him too well.  I really like ‘Listii , but he gets no face time in Courting.   And even he doesn’t surprise me as much as I feel like I need now.

So, next week, since the ROW80 will be on break, I’m also going to take a week off of the WIPpet to just spend some time having fun without expectations of my characters.  I can’t even promise I’ll write or work on anything writing related…  thus no Work In Progress.

All that doesn’t mean I haven’t done anything since last week.  Here are four small paragraphs from Courting the Swan Song ( 2-6 = 4).

The Semisnii was called to join him in the Laniini’s private study, a fact that Alanii appreciated greatly. It suggested less official sanction of their meeting. Or rather, a more official level to the meeting and a less personal one on his part.

Natural Woman

Natural Woman (Photo credit: patriziasoliani)

Again, when he saw the woman, Alanii was reminded of his first impressions of her. Kiriina was incredibly lovely. It was enough to make him wonder how she’d been ignored for so long by the other houses for their sons. After all, her recent escapades proved her to be as much the proper House Lady as any other woman, and her appearance would have been a boon to nearly any man’s arm.

Even your own.

Alanii was beginning to hate his conscience. Why, he wondered, could he not bring himself to take the easy way out, the way that had been handed to him, the way that stood now before him with false demureness and gorgeous blond curls… Why, when all the world seemed set against his desire to make good on his words to Vissellii Marae, was he so determined to do so?

Tossing confetti (who doesn’t love confetti?) and cheering on our WIPpet Mistress of Ceremonies, KL Schwengel for directing the WIPpet linky each week.  Come on and spend some time with us.  We’re a fun bunch.

ROW80 Check-in

ROW80LogocopyWelcome to the last check-in for Round 1 of 2014.  Wow…  is it really 2014?  I could have sworn just a few years back we were partying like it was 1699.  😀

Well, let’s spruce things up with more than just check-in notes, but also a note or two on how things have changed since the beginning of the round.  After all, the ROW80 is a challenge.  It may be the “challenge that knows you have a life”, but having a life shouldn’t stop us from trying to improve ourselves as much as we can.

  • write every day; at the minimum, do 5 sentences  sentences written, but lacking the fiction element
  • overall, I kept this goal on track; some weeks I missed a few days here and there, but yeah…  on track
  • finish a complete (rough) draft of Courting the Swan Song   slow, slow progress
  • not even close; I’ve been plodding along on with a pace that would make a tortoise giggle, but I did work on it
  • make twice weekly blog posts (WIPpet Wednesdays and Some Thing 4 Sundays) on target
  • this goal came out fine; some ST4S posts ended up being posted on Monday, but otherwise, all good
  • maintain active sponsor participation doing good
  • most sponsor tasks didn’t get done on “the day”, but everything has gotten done
  • energize myself with more physical activity two workouts Monday, slow stretches and movement Tuesday
  • seeing a steady improvement here; joining in the YMCA Fitness Challenge probably has helped
  • reclaim my writing space  haven’t touched
  • very inconsistent progress here, one week on, one week off
  • go through some piece of my electronic home (desktop, laptop, server space, Dropbox, etc.) email sorting, nothing more
  • somewhat the same story, though usually the weeks alternated; clearly more consistency needed here
  • laugh more, hug my family more, share myself with friends more…  Boodle Time!!!  (now I need Hubby Time)
  • this goal has been a big time win all ROWnd, and life is so much better for it
  • attend chats and sprints on Twitter (at least one of each) one sprint
  • I added this goal mid-round because I’d noticed a lack of connection with my fellow writers; progress has been inconsistent here, but I’m glad I tried for it

In all, I would call this round more chaotic than consistent (and if you remember my original goal was to build consistency in my writing process.  I don’t call it a loss, but I would like to continue to pursue a trend toward more regular writing (among my other goals).

Veggies, lentil, meat - you could easily pass ...

Veggies, lentil, meat – you could easily pass that off as a balanced meal (Photo credit: sumeet.moghe)

Since this upcoming round will also include JuNoWriMo (which I will definitely be involved in) as well as one of the CampNaNoWriMo (which I may or may not be involved in), I don’t think I want to change the focus too much.  My plate feels full enough for good emotional health.  Better limit the number of snacks…

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