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Airing my Dirty Laundry

Things never are what they seem here at Chez Mabee. First I was going to have a working washing machine; then I needed to wait another two weeks (because even the company can’t figure out what happened to ours): First I was going to have surgery on my jaw; then I’m not because the endodontist doesn’t want to work on an area that inflamed and infected.

Hand cranked laundry

Now?  Well, hopefully those rescheduled events will happen on schedule now.

BTW, just so you know… washing clothes in the bathtub and carting it downstairs so it can dry on the line is hard work, and it makes me really appreciate how people must have had to deal with their laundry back before the industrial revolution took off (oh, and that maybe, instead of spending another $600 on a new machine, maybe we should have invested in one of these.)

And…  I really want all this oral care stuff dealt with asap.

Still, they say “Change is good” and “You’ve got to roll with the punches.”  So here I am…  a few days late with my ROW80 overview/final check-in.  I considered doing a WIPpet on Wednesday, but I elected against the idea.  I want to spend some time catching up on my fellow WIPpeteer’s projects before I jump back in, and that took a bit of hunting as the linky contents change weekly.

My WIPpets will start next Wednesday, with more of the Unnamed Story.  Until then, why do you visit the rest of our awesome group at the linky?

ROW80 Overview

ROW80LogocopyI fell close to completely flat this ROW80.  No one thing (except maybe the nearly constant mouth pain) kept me down this round, but I could name a multitude of little ones that cut into me: head, time and spirit.

By the middle of the round, I was dealing with a full-blown case of depression and didn’t give a crap about anything (frankly).  I blew off most any social media.  I skipped check-ins, sponsor duties, even writing…  There were days that I didn’t do much more than get up in the morning and stare idly at a videogame (or out the window).  They were rare, but they happened.  I’m not happy about it (kind of embarrassed now that I look back), but then…  nothing mattered.

It ended up that I did write that sponsor post and sent it out (this Monday).  And, in a fit of madness, I also offered to sponsor for another Round of Words…  I think I did because I need the connection that the ROW80 offers…. and because “faking it until I made it” was probably the only thing that kept me going most days.

I’m ready for next round though.  On Monday, I sent Kait Nolan (Great Guide of the ROW80) two sponsor posts.  No more anxiety about what can I write…  I needed to be proactive since my inability to come up with a post triggered much of the downward spiral.  And knowing this helps.  It may mean that this upcoming round is the last ROW80 round I’ll be sponsoring for a while (as I won’t volunteer to sponsor from now on unless I have a post written and ready to send out with my offer).  If I don’t end up taking on the task officially, I will still visit other ROWers and offer support and commiseration where I can.

picture of my office

In All its Chaotic Glory

And last, my goals…  I’m not even going to look at what those were.  I could, but I can not bring myself to dwell on them.  Instead, I looked at my stories this morning while I hosted some #JuNoWriMo sprints via Twitter.  I looked last night at the notebook of story pages I somehow managed to pull out of … of somewhere during these past few weeks and…  I smiled.

Because somehow, even when things seemed impossibly bad, I wrote things.  They may not be good things, but…  I wrote.