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Friday Photo — Finally! London

This gallery contains 23 photos.

Here were are, almost a month after our initial plan to reach London in this photoblog.  We’ve made it despite computer crashes, camping trips and lost software. If you haven’t followed the series, here is the last link (it contains … Continue reading

Quick apology post

Road blocked by landslide

Road blocked by landslide

I was going to try to make up my last Friday post for my Roads to London series of photoblogs, especially since, now I seem to have gotten my computer mostly under control.

That was when I realized, I won’t be home for the next week (that also means no ROW80 check-in on Wednesday or WIPpet post).  So I decided to wait and make this quick apology post.  I would rather wait a week to post and be available for comments and discussion than ignore people, even accidentally.

I’ll see everyone on Wednesday the 24th for a new WIPpet and ROW80 check-in (with hopefully lots of great writing news).  Fellow ROWers will hear from me even sooner, but only as a visitor to their blogs and ROW80 sponsor post writer as I believe Kait has my post scheduled for the 22nd.  That’s also when fellow JuNoWriMo moderator Margaret McNellis will be posting her interview of me.

Until I see you all, have a great week and happy words!

Until we get back...  Have fun!

Until we get back… Have fun!