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Tuesday Snippet and Globolinks needed

Help,  Help,…

Once upon a time, many, many years ago, I had a very strange book.  Or at least I thought it was very strange….in that cool “I don’t know what it’s about but it weirds out my parents, so I’m keeping it” way.  It is called Help, Help, the Globolinks!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to keep it back then.  My mother was very adept at making certain books disappear.  Of course, now that I’m older and know about the opera it was based on, I sort of understand why she did it.  Not that I agree with her reasons, but I understand them.  And fortunately I did just find it via Amazon and Google, and now it’s on my wishlist for anyone who might be interested!

But I’m still looking for a few other books from my childhood that I would love to have.  And unlike the Globolinks, I don’t have a cool name or title to search for.  But if anyone recognizes a story that sounds something like this summary, please let me know:

A family of four lovebirds. The birds, from le...

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The main character is a lovebird, kept by an old man.  He’s sad, wishing he had a friend.  Then one day lovebirds from the moon come and he wants to go away with them, but the old man cages him out of fear of losing his friend.  Eventually the bird gets away.

I wish I could remember more of it.   I do know that it was because of this book that I fell deeply in love with the idea of someday having a pair of lovebirds.  Never a solitary bird…

So, if you have a clue as to what this book was called, please…  Please let me know. Continue reading