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Of Course

Welcome again to another (late) Wednesday Check-in and excerpt of a Work In Progress.  Since I missed my fun today on Twitter with the #1lineWed hashtag crew (there are some great pieces there), this will have to do.  Hope you enjoy.

First: the WIPpet

Once again I direct you to the “Unnamed Story”. In last week’s episode, I mentioned that Atyr had gone off with her son Vant for a visit. Now we get to see where…

(note: Milsha is the term for mother here.)

No fancy maths today; it’s late, I’m exhausted, and I have another super-busy day tomorrow waiting for me. You get seven small paragraphs for the seventh month.

“Do you want any padding, Milsha?”

She looked from her son to his class, then over toward Vant’s own instructor, Lan Kailiis. She motioned the Dean of Students over before answering.

The burly red-haired man strode over with his usual silent grace. Unnerving, since next to her and Van, Lan Kailiis was a giant. Next to most people even.

Lan Kailiis was the closest thing she’d seen to the mythical mountainous ancestral fathers of the Antianii people, and if the tales were true this man that was half-again her height was but a poor shadow of their memory.

“Is he allowed to do this?” she asked, pointedly taking the chance to speak before her son did again.

Lan laughed. “Of course, Atyr. A Guard utilizes the tools at hand. Just because I didn’t anticipate you being one of those does nothing to invalidate his choices. Of course, if I had known….”

Vant flashed a seditious smile at his teacher. “Now you can wonder how long I’ve known, Lan. And while you’re at it, advise her to wear a jerkin. These lads are awful clumsy with those sticks they wave around.”

If this is your cup of tea, head over to the WIPpet linky and visit some our other awesome members for more excerpts.  And while you’re there, stop in and thank our host, Emily Witt for enabling our silliness. 😀

Second: a ROW80 Check-In

Status quo…

If only I could say that and mean it.  This has been an interesting couple of days.  I’m behind on a few goals (new fiction and reading up on craft related things, specifically).  And my 750words?  I’ve missed several days this month, and tonight is going to be another.  As soon as I post this?  Bed.

ROW80LogocopyWhy am I so tired?  I don’t even know.  At least I’ve managed to get some physical activity in these past few days so that I’m not twired, where all I want to do is flop, but I can’t because my brain is too drained…

Every been in that state?  How are you affected by news and events?  Do they bring on this state faster or do you slowly slide into it from constantly trying to do more and more?


No Some Words Sunday today

What both Marcus and I have been like

Poor Boodle

I’m sorry, but I’m too tired after a night of not sleeping and worrying for a full “Some Words Sunday”.

This morning, the first thing we did was take the Boodle to an Urgent Care facility because he has  been running a fever of well over a hundred (103.6 last night) and a two-inch wide  Erythema Migrans rash at his armpit.  He’s also been complaining of joint pains and is trying to sleep wherever he might be..  floor, chair, lap.

Adult deer tick, Ixodes scapularis.

Adult deer tick, Ixodes scapularis (cred. Wikipedia Commons)

Those of you who’ve heard of Lyme Disease probably recognize all theses as classic symptoms of localized/acute stage of Lyme Disease.  (Yes, in the last few days, I’ve done a lot of reading on the problem.)  Normally I wouldn’t be worried, but the Boodle had been to the Pine Hollows Arboretum on Wednesday with his schoolmates, and infected deer ticks have been already found there this year.  We didn’t see any ticks on him, when he came home, but that’s not say there wasn’t one.

My husband just went down to the pharmacy to pick up the antibiotic …  The healing process can now begin.  There will still be further doctor visits and blood tests in the next few weeks, but I already feel better.

It’s the waiting and wondering that always make things like this hard to bear.  At least for me.

You too?  I understand completely.

ROW80 check-in

ROW80LogocopySince I’m already writing something for this post (more than I planned…  I think I am overwriting because of JuNoWriMo), I might as well at least get this part done….

I’m writing. I’m writing a lot.  Today not so much obviously…  but yeah, my JuNoWriMo word count is up to 23K , and yesterday was only the first week.

I can afford to take a day off.

That said, I may be a little less active for a few days as the boy needs me more with him on the couch.  I’ll catch up with everyone on Tuesday at the latest.

Have a good Sunday!

Some Words Sunday–Mother’s Day

Running (cred. Dan Mabee)

Running (cred. Dan Mabee)

A shortish post today–it’s Mother’s Day in these parts.

Mother’s Day in our family is spent doing things for and with the Boodle.  It has been that way since I became a mother, and I have no interest in changing the pattern.

I became a mom through the Boodle’s presence in my life.  What better way to celebrate that fact (especially given the fun we have together)?

The truth is that I have a problem with any commercialized holiday, and Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day fall just under Christmas and Halloween for commercialization in my book.  And at least All Hallow’s Eve and the Winter Solstice have some real historical precedence.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t celebrate motherhood, or fatherhood, or parenthood in general.  Honoring those we love is never a bad thing.  Setting aside a special day where people buy cards, take mom out to dinner and tell her how much they appreciate her sounds great in theory too.

I favor the longer term approach though.  Instead of cards and remembrances on a special day–leave me a solitary flower on my pillow unexpectedly, bring me my tea in the morning with a smile, or just come over and hugs me daily.

Oh, yeah…  my husband does most of that anyway.  He doesn’t leave the flowers, but the Boodle brings dandelion bouquets all year.  The hubby comes in while I’m working and rubs my shoulders and tells me I’m beautiful regularly.

Who needs Mother’s Day when one has all that?

Spring kittens

Spring kittens

Then there are those who have no concept of a special day for mothers.  It’s not a worldwide phenomenon, but I was thinking a bit more local… as in our deck.

See, we have outdoor cats.  You may have read some of Shan Jeniah‘s posts about her semi-feral cats.  Well, because of the winter ick and life happening here, we missed our chance to get their sister, Punkin, spayed in time.

It was actually quite funny when I found that out yesterday.  Creamsicle met me on the stairs,  all love and mews and leading, as she tried to lure me over to the nest, a “Come–come see the grandkids!”  Even Grandpa Beauty has been a lot more civil lately.

Punkin wanted none of it.  All wild animal instincts triggered by new motherhood, she hissed and yowled from behind to try to draw our attention to her and away from her babies.  Thing is, the silly girl made her nest right in front of the sliding glass door on the deck….

Just outside the window

Just outside the window

We moms are pretty funny sometimes.

ROW80 Check-in

After all that great news the last few check-ins, I almost feel depressed by this Sunday’s.  Of course, I spent two days driving out to Syracuse to spent time with family.  My grandmother turned 90 on Thursday.  My grandfather is in a nursing home (not quite on death watch but we know all the time we have with him is borrowed).   And the same ick and steady series of small calamities that kept me from getting our cat fixed in time also kept us from making the trip out (especially the ick, as Grandpa is on antibiotic therapy).

After a time, phone calls and letters just aren’t enough.

I did bring my laptop; I did get some editing done and I wrote some journal entries.  I didn’t write any new fiction at all.

Along the drive, I took time to stop off and see some new places that we usually don’t have time for during these trips.  Instead of the highway for the whole drive, I took rt. 5 from Canajoharie to Utica, and grabbed pictures along the way.   On the way home, I detoured down toward Fayetteville and passed by my Great-aunt Pearl‘s former house.

I even gathered up the courage to knock on the door of the lady who owns it now and introduced myself.  We had a wonderful talk, and in the way patterns repeat, I can see how she’s becoming much like my great-aunt once was.  I wonder if her brother has a daughter too…

Dungeon Office

Dungeon Office

I also took some time to hike the trails at Chittenango Falls and had supper in the “Dungeon” of Beardslee Castle.  Not much writing time, but lots of fodder for the future…  And despite the sitting and driving, I made my ROW80 Fitness goals for the week.  😀

I almost wanted to be depressed by the lack of writing, but… as you can see, I can’t.  It was a good week.

I hope whatever your Sunday brings you, it is good.