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Dragging — a WIPpet post

No ROW80 post today as Round 1 of 2014 starts net Monday.  This coming Sunday,  hope to have my goals for the round posted…  Hope being the operative word.  I’m still working on the consistency thing.

Guess that might have to be one of my goals, n’est-ce pas? 😀

For now, let’s greet the New Year with one sentence from Courting the Swan Song.

skin tones

skin tones (Photo credit: lorisgirl)

He looked down at her, feeling the heat of her body, the slight sweat they’d both gained making him even more aware of her body against his own, how her skin slid then dragged, then slid again as she slowly crept up to place a small kiss on his lips.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s ‘pet.  Until at least March I will be focusing WIPpets from the Swan Song series or (in the case of the risk of too much plot revelation) my fanfictions.

Cheers to K.L.Schwengel the WIPpet goddess.  If you want to read other ‘pets, head over to our linky to meet the legion (well, it seems that way on some weeks).

Happy New Year!

I must have blinked…

2012 is gone; I knew this was coming, but…  I must have blinked.  It’s already almost a week into 2013.

I must have blinked.

Don't Blink

No Weeping Angels for me

Well, no Weeping Angels for me–I prefer the idea of approaching this new year with new challenges and a new perspective… and more dancing.  Even my lonely assassin is looking on with joy.

New years bring about one other thing–resolutions.  Usually there is an assessment of the “successes and failures” of the previous year to compare to and lots of “I intend to do better at…  X,Y, and Z” or “This is the year that I will do it”… whatever it is.

I think I’ll pass.  It’s not about success or failure anymore.  It’s about focus and direction, and it’s also about not apologizing for my humanity or feeling guilty about things I cannot change.

So…  I have no resolutions.  I simply intend to keep living my life as before, doing as best I can from moment to moment.

This isn’t to say I don’t have goals and plans  for the year.   I do.  Not just for today, not just for this year even.  I have my goals, my hopes and dreams that I intend to work on to make into realities (at least for now, while they still draw me with the same intensity and power they do at the present).

So here is how I intend to achieve my goals:

  • I intend to keep writing and working on my stories, polishing them, adding to them, deleting from them, tweaking them…
  • New writing I intend to be on the average of 1500 words a week (for the moment).  It’s a modest goal that I intend to build as I regain use of my left hand.
  • Stair walking and lots of flexibility exercises…  I miss really hiking and seeing mountains and waterfalls the way I used to before I became a mom.   And I want to share the joy I found in those moments with my Boodle…
  • The ROW80 challenge ROWnd 1 (writing goals) and the 2013 Goodreads Challenge (reading goals)

That’s it.  Hope to share the journey with you, and when this time comes around next year, we’ll have had a super time.