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Getting Lucky — a WIPpet/ ROW80 post


I did some convoluted math for this piece of Courting the Swan Song so I can justify giving you eight sentences…  See if you can figure it out.  😀

Knowing better than to agree or disagree with any actual accusations against the Harnii’s personal affairs, he addressed what interested him most about the situation. “So the Wanderer women really are the ones who fight. Amazing. I mean, I must have read more than a hundred field reports, but to actually see one of their fighters…”

Sergey Vasilievich Ivanov (1864-1910). Slave T...Val snorted. “She’s a slave now. When you actually see one of their fighters, you’ll know the difference.”

“If I’m lucky, and my father listens this time, I will next season.”

“If you’re lucky,” Val said with a cold quickness in his tone, “there will be an armistice by MidWinter and you never will.”

You’d think Val doesn’t like the idea of Alanii becoming a soldier anymore than Alanii’s father does….  Do you think he’ll have any success in deterring his friend’s ambitions?

Copious thanks to K.L. Schwengel at My Random Muse for hosting of WIPpet Wednesdays (it is like herding cats, after all).  For a WIPpet, writers post pieces of a draft (Work In Progress) that somehow relate with the date at the group linky.  Company, comments…  even gentle (or not-so gentle) critiques are always welcome.


Doing check-ins once the story ‘flow’ gets … well, flowing reminds me of a button my husband has.  He bought it at Lunacon about ten years back, and it’s as apropos today as it was then.

“Don’t wanna work!  Wanna bang on keyboard!”

Now that all the story is plotted out in my head, I have ideas upon ideas for the settings and character actions, from motions to voice to … you name it, that are just demanding my headspace.  And with my son’s school adventures and the holidays coming up (not to mention The Car Issue*), headspace has become limited.

The story wants it all.

Thankfully I’ve managed a pattern with some things.  The writing defies all attempts at consistency, but the sponsor duties, the time at the gym…  Hopefully even the daily commutes will start finding a pattern.  Maybe they won’t before November ends, but it’s learning how to make the writing life work that the ROW80 is really about.  If anything, all this NaNoWriMo rush is the antithesis of the ‘life of writing’ that we’re trying to build here at A Round of Words.

dancing thought bubbles

dancing thought bubbles

So why am I doing this to myself?  Why do I almost always do this to myself, be it NaNoWriMo, JuNoWriMo, CampNaNo (among others)?

Because I’ve learned new things about myself, about my writing style, how to make things ‘work’ under pressure…  When I stop learning new things, even if the stories themselves flow easier–I’ll probably stop participating in the WriMo Rush.

So what about you?  If you are participating in NaNoWriMo this month, why are you doing it?  If you have participated in the past, but aren’t this time, why?  And if you’re in the “I’d never do that”, did you ever waffle on that decision?

* The Car Issue…  Of the three vehicles we own, the truck needs a transmission and a spare tire (not just the tire, but the wheel and all the stuff to attach it to the vehicle); the Impala needs about $2000 in engine work, and the KIA needs about $1500 in suspension repairs.  Every one of these vehicles is over 12 years old, and we average almost 1000 miles a week for the commutes. 

We need a new car.

Photo credits:

  • Sergey Vasilievich Ivanov (1864-1910). Slave Trade in Early Medieval Eastern Europe. Source: http://www.sgu.ru/rus_hist/?wid=719 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  • dancing thought bubbles (Photo credit: AlicePopkorn)

Hastor Wit — a WIPpet/ROW80

Time again for another (short!) WIPpet.  As we’re grinding through week two of NaNoWriMo, I’m making this post a short one so I can get around to visiting everyone else’s blogs and get my daily 2K words done (and I’m having some issue with that).

But first a quick….

ROW80 check-in

The words are coming! The words are coming!

I feel kind of like that should be my second week cheer for these Writing Month events.  As I’ve stated before, I always start slow.  Things are building steam now in my head, and I’ve managed a few sprints and even a small write-in of sorts.  I don’t expect to write every day.  I used to think I had to, but…  no, I need a personal Sabbath of sorts, a day when I can just relax and enjoy being with family or a good book or… silence.

I need a day when my thoughts are just fine in my head without the pressure of trying to make them presentable to other people.

I also usually take a day from trying to write anything for my stories so that I can keep up with people here and at their blogs as a sponsor and fellow ROWer.  It’s slowing the wordcount down some, but it’s not interfering too much.

I’m writing.

How about you?  Are you getting those words written this week?  Are you finally finding your creative groove?


As I said, this’ll be a short “pet”, just six sentences.  How’d I get six on the 13th of November?  Simple maths…  11 (November) 13 became 1+1+1+3…

Of course his reasons for disliking the Harnii were different from Val’s. To say the history between the Harnii and Hastor Houses suffered from grief and bloodshed would be comparable to saying the sun rose in the morning and set in the evening and that it would do so again tomorrow and the next day and the day after that. Though Alanii hadn’t heard of any recent incidents of killing from either side in his lifetime, he knew from Val that it was only because neither House made a point of announcing such things.

As Val had said without a touch of his usual acerbic wit: “A lot of their men drown in the river round this time of the year. A lot of ours run off and get knifed by some whore’s keeper.”

See why I love the Hastor?  Love, love, LOVE ’em!

As always, a big shout out to K.L. Schwengel at My Random Muse for hosting of WIPpet Wednesdays.  For a WIPpet, writers post pieces of a draft (Work In Progress) that somehow relate with the date at the group linky.  Company, comments…  even gentle (or not-so gentle) critiques are always welcome.

Damp Linens — a WIPpet/ROW80 post


So, the first week of NaNoWriMo is going full force…. or at half throttle as is the case for me.  I keep having trouble trying to get a sense of what would be a good ending for Courting the Swan Song.  I should be just writing, writing, writing right now, but instead, I keep trying to establish that outline that I didn’t get done before November started.

ROW80LogocopyGood thing I start most Writing Months off slow (and usually like this where I fumble through nearly absent wordcounts) or I’d be worried.

As for the rest of my ROW80 goals….  I’m caught up.  Nothing extra, but maintaining.  I even got my sponsor post written and send out.  Steady the course…

And you, are you participating in the madness known as National Novel Writing Month?  If so, how are you doing so far?


No fancy WIPpet maths today.  You get 11 sentences for the month of November.  And since my sole focus of this month of writing is getting Alanii’s story straightened out (and finished), all excerpts for November will be from Courting (as much as I love pulling bits and pieces in from the other stories in the series, I really need to get this book done; it’s starting to weigh on my mind constantly).

Man getting dressed.

Man getting dressed. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Alanii blinked at the man stupidly, then turned toward the small window of his room. The filtered glow he’d taken for the early rays of morning light was coming from too high up in the sky to be anything but several candlemarks past his usual waking time. He threw off the thin coverlets and grabbed at the breech-clout his friend passed him, still slightly damp from laundering. He grimaced as he wriggled into the cool, clinging linen. At least they didn’t smell of several days sweat and road grime. “Why didn’t you wake me earlier?” he asked, reaching next for his tunic.

Instead of handing him the blue shirt, the Hastor reached past the door and dropped Alanii’s remaining damp clothes on the bed. “We’ve been trying off an’ on for the past few glass. About two past, Lan was here to check on our day’s plans. You gave him an earful, but you may want to head to the common room before he heads out to clarify some things.” The man’s smirk grew to a full smile.

Have I ever mentioned that I love the Hastor?  Pretty much all of them (well, maybe not the triplet’s father, Valarian, but even he has his moments)…  Good thing Alanii shares my fondness for the family.

As always, a big shout out to K.L. Schwengel at My Random Muse for hosting of WIPpet Wednesdays.  For a WIPpet, writers post pieces of a draft (Work In Progress) that somehow relate with the date at the group linky.  Company, comments…  even gentle (or not-so gentle) critiques are always welcome.