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Tuesday Snippet and Talk on a Walk

Sunday we went for a nature walk.  It seemed good way to ramp up our outdoorsy muscles for the hikes from our pre-parenting/pre-homeowner days.  And I had an added hope that it would boost my worldbuilding for CTSS.  I’ve been struggling to envision the trip from the Hastor estate Merris Freehold to the seaport city of Darshailia  for a while now.

George W. Vanderbilt Park in Greenville has a unique feature I needed to consider–stone walls.  Created from an old farm (originally known as Sherill House, that had long been owned by the Vanderbilt family…  [funny how their name keeps showing up in NYS history–even funnier the name Sherill, which invites embarrassing stories about a bus driver, motorcycles and midnight trips to Denny’s during the years I lived in Troy])… Continue reading

Tuesday Snippet and Thankful Ramblings

Mitali Perkins writes lovely stories.  She also maintains an incredible blog (one of the first I ever subscribed to over a year ago now, well before I ever thought of blogging myself).  Today, while trying to catch up with some of my blog back-log, I found this little gem that fits a quandary that probably strikes us all during our writerly explorations on Mitali’s Fire Escape.

So let me ask you: do you feel as if your attention span has decreased with the advent of “short form media” such as Facebook and Twitter?  Do you occasionally (as I do) use sites such as Reddit, where one might find everything from quips and snappy “Swifties” to engaging polemics on everything from politics to My Little Pony (a lot of My Little Pony actually)?

Or do you find yourselves caught in the middle, unsure of which way to express your feelings desiring outlets? Continue reading

Just another snippet

Believe it or not, I don’t write much erotica despite the two posts here being pieces of my erotic fiction, but this writing sample was something I had posted for a bit of writing play in the Writer’s Dock Party on Facebook.  If you are in need of some distraction, you will certainly find some there.  It’s as wild at the old Usenet group Misc.writing and as busy (looking through Google, it appears the “original” may still exit via Google Groups…I cannot vouch for what you may find there).
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