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Friday Photo — On the Road

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Last week I went out and about…  ROAD TRIP! Actually, I was mostly just heading out to meet family in Syracuse.  But there are a lot of cool places between our house and Central New York…  I didn’t have time … Continue reading

Friday Photo–Learning by Doing



This Wednesday, my son, my dad and I took a trip to MiSci (the former Schenectady Museum and Planetarium).  I didn’t get as many good pictures as I hoped in their new butterfly house.  The area was crowded, and people had to hurry through so the next batch of people (we would pick a day they were holding two birthday parties) go get a chance to enjoy themselves some.

Still, I got a few nice shots and several mediocre ones that have taught me a valuable lesson.  No amount of photo-editing can repair a bad picture, so take as many images as you can–better to toss a hundred crappy shots than not have a single good one to remember.

The best shots of the day were some of the candids.  They weren’t great photos, but they were excellent storytellers.

My dad made a friend

My dad made a friend

In May, we’ll be stopping off at the Joseph L. Popp Butterfly Conservatory for their raptor show,  I’ll be testing my photo-taking skills there again, and this time–I don’t care if I fill my whole compact flash card in the day.  That’s what it’s there for.

(As an addendum, our trip home  reminded me of another cardinal rule about photography that I break too often.  Always Have Your Camera READY.  There was a lovely juvenile bald eagle circling in a field near a small pond–close enough I could make out its eyes from the car windscreen.  I was able to pull over and stop fast enough.  But could I get the camera out of the bag and set up in time?  There are no eagle pictures here for a reason.)

The eyes have it

The eyes have it


They like the salts


Contrasts and color


The Attraction is Strong in this one


Into the MRI


Grandpa playing with static charges


Great-Uncle Ron stopped in to play too

Mom...There's a bug on me.

Mom…There’s a bug on me.

Painted Lady

Painted Lady

Mom! Put that camera away!

Mom! Put that camera away!


I’m NOT leaving

Opinions Wanted–Every Friday

Contrast and color: Flowers at Russel Sage College

Contrast and color

This Wednesday I posted my tentative schedule for this blog.  Tentative as this work in progress is something of an experiment in self-discovery and will likely change several more times before it becomes anything stable.

Until I get around to rewriting the sidebars (challenging on my laptop screen as if doesn’t give me a very clear “overall” view of the page’s appearance when I’m previewing things), here is a recap of the new schedule with updated notes:

  • Sunday — Writing and the ROW80 check-in
  • Wednesday — Life as I know it and the ROW80 check-in
  • Friday — Friday Photoblog

Today being Friday, welcome to the first installment of Friday Photoblog, where I will share some of my favorite images, ask opinions of composition and edits.  On occasion I will give my (amateur) opinion on the equipment I’m using or hope to use some day.

But not today…

For now, let me simply share some links.  The first two link to my public photostreams on Imgur and Flickr.  The third is a generic Canon Powershot G5 search in Flickr so that you can compare what more experienced photographers have achieved with similar equipment (assume photos have been edited unless the photographer posts information to the contrary). The others are links to reviews of  G5 (the camera I use now) so that people can see what more professional photographers say about advantages and limitations of the machinery.

English: Front view of Canon PowerShot G5 digi...

At the moment I’m looking for a more suitable site to store my pictures on.  Imgur is definitely an easy site to work with, but I’m not comfortable with the site security over long-term (it presumes rights rather than states them clearly).  Flickr has a lot to recommend it, save that it’s a Yahoo toy, and I have issues with the recent changes in their corporate structure.

Any suggestions?

Any particular photos (mine or other people’s) that stand out to you?  What do you like about them?

Feel free to post links in the comments that you’d like me to see.

Photo credits:

  • My own work, taken April 2010
  • English: Front view of Canon PowerShot G5 digital camera. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)