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I missed my Wednesday post. Head was… not in this sphere I guess. (I actually wrote most of it as a draft, but then messed up the publish).

There’ll be a WIPpet for next Wednesday, and… if I think I can pull it off, I’m going to try a new thing called a Stream of Consciousness Saturday tomorrow. We’ll see.  Consistency is a process too. Thank you all for bearing with me while I develop more.

Falling Backward

MjAxNC04ZjBlYTU5ZmNiZjdiZjY4Lots of news today (check-in below the WIPpet).  The best?  After I’d finally set up the main route for my trip to the UK later this Spring, I got in touch with some former WIPpeteers (and a few ROWers too)… and there are visits happening!  While we don’t get to see their works in progress anymore, we’ve stayed in touch on Facebook (and the Boodle has been avidly reading Kate Frost’s Time Shifters a second time in anticipation of going to some of the locations in the story).

It’ll be fun to go back to Warwick.  Though I think of the castles I saw in England, Kenilworth or Dover were my favorites.  Or maybe….

They say that these ruins of the Bridgnorth Castle lean more than the Tower of Pisa

They say that these ruins of the Bridgnorth Castle lean more than the Tower of Pisa

Ooh.. must move on.  Though, if you want to enjoy more English Castles, there is The Castle Lady and her great blog.  Next up…

WIPpet of the week

Still sticking with the Unnamed story, because so little else except classwork seems to be able to find space in my mind of late.  I’ve been very busy, but not feeling much like things are getting done…

Simple, boring maths for the day… Fifteen sentences for the 15th of May, and they again, follow right on the heels of last week’s post:

Alanii noticed as much what the man had not said as what he had. Without betraying the Hastor secret, Ytramli had betrayed it fully. He joined Valmara in giving the man a glower.

Lan shored Ytramli’s point in returning it.

At least Alanii was wise enough to not raise his voice when his cousin rejoined with “what’s more important here? A secret that everyone knows or protecting the woman willing to sacrifice herself to allow Val the delusion that it’s still one?”

“Among us? Atyriia is of—”

Alanii broke off at the sound of a collapse, followed by a cry of “Siera!” from down the hall. He knew by the sounds, the clatter of keys and the near silent step, that it involved Valistii, but friendship or not, he knew better than go to his friend’s aid. As host, Valmara could act, but since the Hastor Heir was still considering his drink, Alanii couldn’t even justify sending Lan or Ytramli to check on his officer.

He shared a momentary look of concern with his cousin and Lan, then after another taste of his pipe, took back the lighter from the table and re-lit it. Down the hall, he heard Valistii getting help of some kind. He’d know what kind soon enough. It was enough to know that the man felt he needed help.

And that’s about it.  Why don’t you head on over to the WIPpet linky and visit some our other awesome members. Thanks to Emily Witt for graciously hosting our little bloghop.  I know exactly what work she does to keep us going, and it’s definitely appreciated.


Again, not much writing being done.  The serious work on my plate keeps getting bumped in the simple need to wind down after a bunch of classwork and general ‘keep functioning’ chores and errands.  Not to mention lots of snow to shovel and shifting sleep schedules (in hopes of saving some of the jetlag I know will occur when we cross The Pond), I’ve been beat and feeling decidedly uncreative of late.

Ideas are simmering however.  Because of the research involved in my classes and the incredible discussions that I’ve had with some of my classmates in our study group (the Adventurous Teals, a name that just tickles my fancy, since teal is my favorite color), a more and more complete image of the world in my stories is developing.  I had (or, at least, like to think I had) a decent grasp on my main characters for the last few years, but now I’m seeing how the supporting characters fit into the world, how the secondary characters got to the places they did, and how the world could have evolved into the society it did.

And I’m looking seriously at Australia

As for the rest of my goals, the only one I’ve maintained any progress on (well, except the England trip plans) is maintaining the ROW80 website.  I’m finding more and more places that need tweaking there.  Kait was definitely thorough when she planned her conversion to the ROW80 becoming a Facebook only group.  That it didn’t exactly work that way isn’t so much of a hassle as a bit of a regret.  I wish I’d spoken up sooner about taking over the website maintenance.  I like being part of the challenge (though I was never much good at sponsor posts), and this is one area where I actually feel capable of doing stuff.

That’s progressing now, however.

Lastly, though I didn’t post a check-in on Sunday from the Garden of Delights, I did start setting some things in motion there to merge these two blogs into one.  In fact, I wrote a post…  or rather a page.  It’s not posted yet, since I’m still working out logistics, but it’s a step forward.

There’s more, lots of piddly bits and curiosities.  I’m drowning in a sea of wonder and curiosity with my classes, a delightful, yet terrifying feeling, and thinking about the trip keeps intervening…  in a nice way.  I like how planning days is coming out (colored index cards for each locale with possible day trips on each—built in flexibility for weather, visits and plain old exhaustion), but all these preparations take headspace.  And that seems in short supply these days…

Mom’s Day, Not Mine

Who knew the ideal Mother’s Day would be spent in bed doped up on antihistamines and fighting the edge of migraine?

Yeah…  so not really ideal.  But that was my day today.

“Goodly ” Sir John

So I really don’t have too much to say for myself.  My son as had far more Daddy time these past few days than Mommy time (while Mommy attended the monthly meeting of the local RWA  chapter, Daddy and the Boodle went to see  new Avenger’s movie; then we had dinner at the Cracker Barrel… lots of toy time and some yummy food).

Tomorrow though is just the Boodle and I—we’re off to spend the day in Rhinebeck for a showing of  Midsummer Night’s Dream (the Boodle’s favorite Shakespeare).  Though he did get sad when he heard we’d missed a showing of Merry Wives in Nyack yesterday… complete with pantomimes of Sir John’s “portly belly” somehow I doubt he would have made the trade of Captain America vs. Iron Man for it.

Sometimes I wonder how live theatre competes but in some places even thrives against the sensory impact of the screen.  But then I don’t actually like going to movies.  Too much sensory input…  :-/

So, it’s Sunday, and it’s time to assess the week and see how I did on my ROW80 goals.

ROW80LogocopyThis week is a bit off, but then it was meant to be.  I put in a temporary goal shift on Wednesday to get some work I’d been putting off one, the sorting of my Swan Song Series into their individual Scrivener projects.  This may seem like a minor project, but I have files and notes all over.  Handwritten notes, One Note notes, notes in the StoryWorld Bible and the mass Scrivener project that I’d been building for the last three years….

I’m mostly done.  I just want to make one more run through to make sure I didn’t make an export error.  I’ve done that too many times to not to do it.

I’ve also managed a page of typed work in a day, some incredible research sessions and some great work on Singer of the Swan Song and March/Promenade (I still haven’t picked between these names; I suspect that I will be using both, since the story is huge already and I haven’t brought in any part of Ayr’s and Ytramli’s thread into the book yet).  A whole section just became clear after years of not know why the Wandering people would have a matriarchal society in this particular world…  now I know.  I also know a lot more about their religion than I did before.

So, yes!  Worldbuilding!

Running (cred. Dan Mabee)

Running (cred. Dan Mabee)

The rest of my goals, having been mostly on hold, are in limbo for the next few days too.  The next few days are just chaos.  A good chaos in the case of tomorrow…  but chaos none the less.  I mean, I may have some time to pursue things tomorrow if the Boodle decides that he wants some alone time.  And if we spend time at a playground…  you can bet the notebook will come out for those precious five sentences.

So…  we’ll see what happens on Wednesday.