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A Day Late…

I wish I'd had a better camera than the iPhone with me.  The skies were incredible

I wish I’d had a better camera than the iPhone with me. The skies were incredible

…and many dollars short.

Sunday when I’d been planning to post my ROW80 check-in, I went instead to the Altamont Fair with the hubby and the Boodle.  No regrets, of course.  The story fodder alone made the trip worth it, but I also got inspired to explore tow of my other interests (photography and drawing) in further depth.

Next year I intend to enter some pieces to the Fair.

The Boodle rode this things six times in a row

The Boodle rode this things six times in a row

A day at the Fair is not the nicest thing to the wallet.  One meal there, eaten standing on the Midway while a rollercoaster clattered on its tracks yards from me, cost more than a steak dinner a most casual restaurants (and I brought my drink).  But such events don’t happen daily (unless one works as a carny), and it was one of the better lamb gyros I’ve had.

What does this mean for my ROW80 progress?  No much save for distracting me from posting on time.  The good thing is that I’m starting to get caught up on all my goals (though I did have to go back to my original post of this round to make sure of what they were).  Vacations!  Ah… distraction.  Heavenly distraction…

In overview, here are my Round 3 ROW80 goals:

  • write my five sentences a day;
  • read something for pleasure;
  • get fresh air and exercise some daily;
  • spend quality time with friends and family;
  • type in/edit my JuNoWriMo notebooks

ROW80LogocopyIt’s nice to say I can put a check into every one of those, except the JuNoWriMo notebook typing.  I only did a day of that.  But, YES!  Progress, at last.  And what’s more, it happened so smoothly that I wasn’t even sure I’d been getting enough done until I checked.  There’s something magical about making progress effortlessly (or at least seeming to).

I’m toying with the idea of adding in some more goals for the Round, but not too seriously.  I do still have catch up visits to make to for my sponsor duties.  I also have lots of administrative things to deal with for school (both my own and my son’s homeschooling/pt-school).  It’s a start however, and it’s nice to be starting with a feeling of accomplishment.

On Vacation?

Writing to you (very briefly) from the Boston direction, typing away at my laptop on my -in-law’s dining room table.  My SiL is …well, amazing (and she has a definite flair for interior design that I would so love to emulate).  And my BiL is such a sweet guy.  Though he does love the Boston Red Sox….*

The Boodle is having fun with his cousins too.  Vacation weekend…  I wish we could visit a bit longer, but Monday morning the grind starts again.  Today, though, will be sightseeing and the Children’s museum.

Sliced strawberries

Sliced strawberries (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So ROW80ish, that means I’m not doing a lot of stuff.  No editing, just 5 sentences (I missed yesterday for long drive and migraine), some exercise daily but not nearly enough to counter all the yum food (who said sliced strawberries, fresh blueberries and whipped cream don’t qualify for a nutritious breakfast?)

So onto my visits…  I’ll be checking in with people later this week.   And I make no promises that I’ll have a Wednesday check-in on Wednesday (we’ll be home, but busy, busy).  So…  see you all Thursday! 

*Disclaimer: I actually have no opinions about the Red Sox or the Yankees or any baseball team.  But by longstanding joke in the family, I had to mention this.

Post Trip Monday

Yesterday was the day of the drive.  It was Grandpa’s 92th birthday, and so the Boodle and I picked up Mom (he’s her dad after all) and we hightailed it out to Syracuse to eat double chocolate cupcakes and ice cream and talk about harmonicas and family photos and old tractors.

Happy 92, Grandpa!

Happy 92, Grandpa!

So…  I didn’t get much writing done (Friday I was sick icky bleh!) since Wednesday.  Getting back into the flow of writing daily and not in spurts and bubbles isn’t happening quite as fast as I’d like, but it does seem to be happening.  Even when I didn’t write, I pulled out the notebook and gathered up a pen…  just one more step to go.

I did reread/review some of my other story-work everyday (except yesterday); I got up and moved every day except Friday, and I made time daily for some happy reading time.  Slow, steady progress and plans for consistency…

Consistency is the dog that hounds me.

But since we don’t have a dog…  here is Mr.Kitty my (mostly feral) lovebug begging for scritches.  If he didn’t panic and go into full “Fight or Flight” mode at the slightest sound or shift in movement, I’d have him in the house with us too.  He so wants love and stroking and head bonks…

Someone couldn't stay still for the photo...  he wanted to hug the camera and the hand holding it

Someone couldn’t stay still for the photo… he wanted to hug the camera and the hand holding it