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What Do You Use?

I like fonts.  I even started designing my own font back in the 90s when it involved a lot more paper, rulers, and scaling of measurements.

If your favorite isn’t on the list, add it to the comments

So, of course, I just had to repost this when I saw it (thanks to Dom Carter at Creative Bloq for his post: What Your Font Choice Says About You).

Maybe it makes me look like a fuddy-duddy,but I use Garamond Antiqua for anything and everything I print up and make notes on at home.  It’s a mono-spaced font much like Courier, but with a more pleasant feel of real “book” text.  The Garamond you normally see in Word and other wordprocessing programs is not mono-spaced, but unless I plan on doing a lot of printing, I usually don’t install Antiqua these days (the font license was for a particular machine and I don’t have it anymore) For most on screen work, the basic Windows installed Garamond works “okay” enough, but I wouldn’t want to try publishing anything with it.

That’s my “work font”.  I also have my play font, which wasn’t on this list.  The closest to my 750words font (Sharktooth) they have here is a cross between Bradley Hand ITC and Rage Italic.  And it weighs more heavily toward the Bradley Hand…  Yeah.  I could definitely wish for more font choices there for my brainstorming sessions.

Maybe that’s why I still spend so much time with pen and paper despite thirty plus years of geeking on a keyboard.

And you…  What are your fonts of choice?  Do you have a specific style for specific types of work that helps you get things done?  Let me know in the comments.

Now it’s time to move on to my….

Row80 Check-in & Weekly Assessment

First a smallish apology to anyone who might have expected a video of my son’s Monday recital.  It’s been an odd couple of days, and I forgot to load the video up to Youtube.  Next week..  since I will likely be doing my WIPpet with my check-in this coming Wednesday.

That, btw, counts as the first bit of happy news for this week’s goal assessment.  I participated in the WIPpet bloghop this week (WIPpet stands for WIP, or Work in Progress, snippet, and involves a group of creative writers sharing pieces of a story they are working on for the sheer fun of it).  If you’d like to be involved too, check out some of our posts at our linky and jump in this Wednesday.

ROW80LogocopyWhen I count that little bonus plus a creative bursts of Wednesday and Thursday (artwork and a post about birds), this week has gone above and beyond my expectations.  I have made great strides in prep for JuNoWriMo, getting most of the Featured Author posts uploaded and edited.  The Pep Talk post isn’t finished yet, but I have most of my first draft done.

The Boodle and I even found time for a grand adventure with a few of the Burton Bunch, swimming and dinner out, on Friday.

So, despite the continued failure to reach Goal #1, I call this week the best of the ROWnd yet.  May the progress continue!

As for the specifics.

  • Goal (#1): working through three chapters weekly of James Scott Bell’s Plot & Structure (including exercises)
  • Progress: nothing, nada, lots of other reading, but nothing on my craft books.
  • Not-progress, but… I did find and spend a lot of writing craft time at Mythcreants
  • Goal: catching up in my local critique group (including submitting something this week)
  • Progress: Nothing new to submit, but I’m just a quick skim over the crits I did before being caught up
  • Goal: typing two pages a day of old notebooks in
  • Progress: on track
  • Goal: (VIG) Write new words daily! (the Five Sentences thingie)
  • Progress:  on track, well, except for Thursday…  that was an odd day of daydreamy character time and very little handwritten work (though I did write a lot on Thursday too, just not by hand)
  • Not a Goal but Progress Anyway: continued progress  my languages (except Spanish), and of course, all that JuNoWrMo progress.

Tomorrow will be setting up prompts for my JuNoWriMo sprints so I can be ready for the Wednesday Kick-off and writing the kick-off post (just a short one).  And of course, Memorial Day Parades…  it’s supposed to be rainy, but then Nature has always had a complex relationship with soldiers and remembrance celebrations for them.

Faded Glory

Flight of Fancy

Writing Is for the Birds

A lovely crow cousin

While trying to avoid getting immersed in work when I needed to head out early, I found a cool blog about the family Corvidae (crows and their cousins) because of this post about some of those more flamboyant cousins…  the magpies and how impressively colorful they can get.  The magpie-jays (which weren’t pictured in the post, so I posted one here) are stunning creatures.  I have three crows that spend their time in our back yard these days except when the grackles chase them away.

Crows and their cousins are delightful birds for a couple of reasons.  They are intelligent birds in general, gregarious and attractive too.  They also help us keep our world clean whether we want to or not.  And I learned something else about them today…  actually, about birds in general.  It’s about how chicks are raised.  There are two types or processes involved in chick development while in the egg.  One type we’re pretty familiar with from grade-school science experiments with an incubator and some eggs via a local farm.  The other development type we see in the stereotypical cartoon of a nest with pink featherless creatures raising their gaping beaks in the air for the first worm or bug the parent birds can offer.

The first type (called precocial) results in a mostly capable little down-covered fluff-balls that look so cute on Easter mornings, chicks who can peck away at cracked corn and seeds on their own, cheep cheep and scurry away in a panic.

Feed us… FEED US!

The second type of development results in a baby that desperately needs its parents.  If an altricial chick falls out of the nest, its mostly featherless body could suffer from hypothermia and the chick could die without the warmth of the nest and its siblings.  It can barely move, expending most of its energy to raise its head for eagerly awaited offerings of regurgitated insects, seeds or meat made by its parents.  (Not only birds are considered altricial—many mammals, including humans, are too.  The term is related to parental investment in the raising of young.)

Crows fall into the second category.  Another cool fact about crows?  Their eye color changes.  North American crows have blue eyes when they are young…  I never would have imagined that, but it is very cool.  And pretty, pretty too!

Yep!  I totally fell down the internet rabbit hole this morning.  But it’s O.K.  I have some good news for…

My ROW80 Check-In

ROW80LogocopyMaybe I got tired of the lack of progress in gradually increasing my goals the way I had planned.  Maybe I missed the old crew.  Or maybe I got fed up with all the dancing through hoops I’ve done for others at the expense of a few simple (nearly free) pleasures…

Either way, I just did it!  I not only managed to meet my one added goal of doing something artistic (a fifteen minute tea break at Panera this morning), but I also got up this morning and posted a non-ROW80 post–a WIPpet no less.  Yes, I participated in the WIPpet Wednesday bloghop again.

Asking for Inspiration

Asking for Inspiration

I suspect my participation will be inconsistent as June moves in fully, since JuNoWriMo (50K before the Summer doldrums hit).  I’m going to try for every other week now and see what happens.

I am nearly back on track with all my other goals as well.  I missed my Five Sentences on Monday, but made huge headway on an inspirational post I’ve been asked to write for one of the JuNo pep-talks Sunday and Monday, so hopefully my characters will forgive me that (they seem to have done so with great consideration—today Valichii, Lan and Acarii spent a few hours with me, filling me in on history and social details I’d never guessed at; I really understand their points of view a lot better now).

It’s been a happy morning.  I still have a lot more to get done before the day is over, and I am tired.  But even if I only get a bit more handled, I’ll count it as a win.  And I learned something in trying to draw those hands today…  I had so much trouble seeing them in the lines I drew—the picture only came real once I added the shadows.

Not quite sure what lesson to take from that yet, but I know there is something to ponder there.

Sunday, Lovely Sunday

I know that’s not the way it’s supposed to go since I just finished a course on the 1916 Easter Rising in Ireland, but…  I like my version better. Especially since this has been a pretty good day so far.

It’s a rainy day, but not one of those drown you in mud rains nor even one of those hovering drizzles that reach into every layer of clothing you own without offering the consolation of a solid dunking.

A real rain…  just heavy enough to soak into the ground and nourish the roots, just heavy enough to hear plit-plattering on the window, just light enough to leave rain drops caressing petals and leaves…

Rain and Fountains at Blenheim Palace

Rain and Fountains at Blenheim Palace

A heavier rain than I remember from my days in England, but only by a small touch.  It is certainly grayer here.  I’d be curious to know why.  Perhaps it’s because of our location on the Hardiness Zone scale…  No—I just checked, and we’re actually 10° closer to the Equator here in Southern Albany Cty than we were in the UK.

Elevation does it again.   Add on over 600 more feet, remove the effect of being surrounded by water…  We’ve lived in this house for 15 years now, and I still find it remarkable that  we can drive to Albany in 30 minutes, but it takes an extra week and a half minimum for plants to catch up with those in our NYS Capitol.

Hmm…  well, that was definitely a line of non-sequitur.*

And so is this…  now is time for:

ROW80LogocopyMy ROW80 check-in and weekly assessment

General Assessment first…  It’s been another damned awesome week.  A few more migraines than I’d have preferred, and definitely with far more kitty panic than anyone needs…  but in all other ways it has been a great week.

The question of whether it’s been awesome enough to inspire me to add on something new though?  I’m still thinking “not yet”.  This is why:

    • Goal: working through three chapters weekly of James Scott Bell’s Plot & Structure (including exercises)
    • Progress: still detoured, though Syd Field’s Screenplay is sitting untouched too; I’ve done other reading, but between my classwork and getting my wordcount in for the CampNaNoWriMo, I wasn’t doing diddly about this goal
    • Goal: catching up in my local critique group (including submitting something this week)
    • Progress: group is was on hold for the month of April, and I still haven’t submitted anything
    • Goal: typing two pages a day of old notebooks in
    • Progress: on track
    • Goal: (VIG) Write new words daily! (the Five Sentences thingie)
    • Progress I thought I was getting All The Words, but yesterday I found proof.  When I went to collate everything I’d written this month for my CampNaNo project (and this isn’t including words deleted because I was also editing work), I didn’t have to include any of the 37 handwritten pages I’d held in reserve.  I’d set myself a 30K goal for this Camp, and cleared the month with a total of 46K.   Am I ready for the 50K JuNoWriMo this year?  Oh.. yeah!
    • Someone couldn't stay still for the photo... he wanted to hug the camera and the hand holding it

      It’s dry inside, Mom

      Not Goals but Progress Anyway:

      1. Dropped the ball after 112 days of Duolingo last Sunday.  I’m back up to seven days again, but it was hard to lose all that progress (and the bonuses that come with a long streak).
      2. Being school vacation, there was a lot of Boodle time this week. I admit–I glutted myself a bit. No regrets.
      3. This was also the week of missing cat, surprise dentist appointments, and curious financial errands (several visits to our insurance company for policy rewrites and adjustments). The good news? Mr. Kitty is home and sitting on the deck-rail all soggy and pitiful (on purpose, trust me… he could sit under the picnic table and stay dry, but it’s harder to watch for when I move from this chair and just might be heading to the door to feed him); no new cavities this time for me (the Boodle has the start of one on one of his permanent teeth); and in all this juggling, we’re finally not spending a month’s salary on insurance each year…

And lastly, I’m still flailing wildly on my goal to do something creative every day.  Since that’s a new goal I’ve made absolutely no progress on in over two weeks now, I think I need to attend to making that work before I go further.

Still, there’s a lot of progress there, a lot of joy and some surprises…

As I said before, it’s been a pretty awesome week.  Kind of like today and the rain (see?  I did have a point hiding in there somewhere!)

Anyone who has conversed with me over Starbucks’ drinks is all too familiar with the way my mind wanders aimlessly from thread to thread in this way.  Hope you enjoyed the journey.  😀