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Checking-in with the Powers

It’s a Wednesday ROW80 check-in day.  Feels awkward to post yet another “Same Old, Same Old–some progress here and there, but not as much as I would like”, even if that basically sums up things; so let me give you a small visual of my world instead of dwelling on writing minutiae.

picture of my office

In All its Chaotic Glory

This is my office as of 1pm this afternoon.   It’s hard to see details here, but perhaps you can imagine the sheer number of rocks and crystals on my desk, a copy of The Book of Thoth sitting near my computer, a monitor at the moment highlighting Facebook in the main browser tab–but there are also tabs for Eliphas Levi, Rosicrucianism, Hermeticism, Xerxes the I of Persia, Black Stone, and a number of religious, metaphysical and mystical elements open behind it.

I’m preparing for a psychic fair in April where I will be volunteering my services as a tarot reader and crystal worker, things I once practiced daily but allowed myself to drift from when I married my then very Christian boyfriend.

The reading won’t help me as much as re-immersion and practice, but it’s very centering.  So many things in my daily affairs seem out of sorts lately that there is comfort in the rhythm of the words.  And as with any rereading there are new things to be found, things that were misread, ignored or even willfully denied due to my personal maturity at the time.

I work mostly with a small card version of the Thoth deck designed by Crowley and Lady Harris; though I do have two other decks: a Cagliostro and a Hello Tarot (a handmade deck based on Hello Kitty–mine is about 17 years old now).

Tree of stones

Just a little tree of stones

My tarot decks have all been gifts.  There is something about metaphysical/magical work I’ve found true for me–it all must be a gift.  If I buy something…  it’s with the understanding that someday it’ll be given away.  I have the right to use it until that day, but it isn’t mine.

The corollary of that is that if I see something I want or see something that calls to me–I cannot buy it for myself.  I have tried the “giving myself a gift”  thing, but in this sense, it is a trick only.  Within days I’d lose the item, or I would find its proper owner.

The trick was on me.

Does anyone else here enjoy these “so-called” magical activities?  What experiences have you had with your practices?

As always, feel free to share links and stories in the comments.  I love to hear from you.

My Day? Mabee not…

Oh, today….

Yeah, it was Mother’s Day.  Mother’s Day would have been a lot nicer if it hadn’t involved most of the things I didn’t want to happen, happening.  It also would have been better with steak.  Instead it came with Chinese-American buffet food and an still unsatisfied craving for a Dunkin Donut’s Coffee Coolata (two days running…if I still want one tomorrow, I am getting a large).

The car worked though.  Counting my blessings.  The car worked, and I got a lot of hugs from the awesome people.  LOTS of hugs!

Traditional Devil's Food Birthday Cake

Oh…  pooh!  I guess it’s not that bad.  I just am frustrated with myself because I’m sunburned, migrainy and behind now on my stories for Story A Day.  I hate being behind on stories…

Yesterday we held the Boodle’s Birthday Party at Hoffman’s Playland.  I got no writing done.  My 750 words came out more a stream of consciousness garble that said nothing.  It certainly wasn’t a story.  The party was a huge success though.  Exhausting, but a lot of fun too.

Does anyone want any birthday cake?

And I’m still behind. I hate being behind.  Only by one story now, as I managed something in my 750words tonight.  So as you can see, all my goals for the ROW80 are moving along fairly well.  I am close to all caught up on all the check-ins.  I’ve got another fifteen minutes to finish the other story idea I have floating in my head.  I can be done by minute if I sign off now.

But allow me to share the story I did finish today.  I haven’t been doing much composing on the computer lately.  It’s nice to share something without “writing it twice”.  Handwriting stories does feel more natural, but typing things in all the time gets tired.

Card Play

Charlie knew…  He knew as soon as the card turned over what its image would be.  He knew all about the big losses he faced.   He’d been right the last three times.   He knew how much his wife would complain if Tina knew he was wasting money like this.  Spending money for an extra pack of cigarettes, a six-pack of store-brand soda or a new set of press-on nails…  Oh, she could see that.  Even when Tina was fretting over the lack of cash in the checking account, she had no problem spending cash on those.

“I work too, you know,” she’d say.  Her head would tip just that little way that he was so fond of.  “I know I don’t make nearly as much as you, but I need this things to keep me going each day.  You know how it is.”

Charlie did know how it was.  That’s why he was here, sitting across this large felt-covered table, a small stack of money–his money–now sitting at the elbow of the woman across from him.  She had been looking grimly at him, as if waiting for his approval to turn over the next card.  Not that she needed to hesitate…  Here she was in charge.  She held all the cards.

She held all the money too at the moment.

Charlie nibbled at his lip a little.  He wasn’t really that sure he wanted to see that card really.  How could so much depend on a little piece of paper, he wondered, not for the first time.  A little piece of paper…  He’d spent most of a day’s pay to watch and see the cards that turned up.  Was it his number?  Was hers?  How much would he have to apologize to his wife for this time?

The woman across the table flicked the corner of the card closest to her up so she could see the result.  Her lips pursed.  She’d done that the last time too.

He felt the blood drain from his face.  “Let’s see it,” Charlie croaked before he lost his nerve.

Dutifully, the woman eased the card over, revealing it’s face, and the crumbling Tower that filled it.

For those who know anything about tarot, the Tower Card is self-explanatory.  For those who do not, here is a nice, simple explanation of the meaning: http://www.tarotteachings.com/tower-tarot-card-meanings.html  This little story came out of a day dream I started having about my son and a small three card “reading” I did on him (yes, I had him do the cutting of the deck for this “Past Present Future” mini).   My son’s reading, fit him frighteningly well (all descriptions are made for the Thoth Deck since that is my main deck of use):

As any who know the Boodle in person can vouch, I don’t think I could have chosen better cards for him if I’d looked into the deck and picked the cards out by hand.  I’m reminded of why I’d stopped doing readings about 15 years ago.

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  • Traditional Devil’s Food Birthday Cake (Photo credit: Wikipedia)