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A Mind is a Terrible Thing

It does things like…  squirrel!

Squirrels even distract rabbits

Seriously though… I’m in a bit of a flump today. No ambition, no desire to “get things done”.  It could be that it is absolutely gorgeous outside and the very idea of staying in to write a ROW80 check-in irks me.

And it is gorgeous outside.

Unfortunately, it is Sunday, and that means it’s time to review my progress for the past week.  What an awesome week this has been!

I mean, look at this progress:

  • Goal: working through three chapters weekly of James Scott Bell’s Plot & Structure (including exercises)
  • Progress: detoured progress here in the form of three hours working on developing my antagonists.  One thing I love about all my characters is that they aren’t good or evil but just people trying to get through their lives as best they know how.  That doesn’t mean they’re all nice people; one of my main protagonists goes through half the book intent on killing another of my protagonists.  Another of my ‘big three’, goes out of her way to see her beloved mentor gets brutally murdered.  I call them my protagonists, but it’s really just a matter of perspective…  right?
  • I’ve also started reading Syd Field’s highly recommended book Screenplay, mostly because it’s a library book, and I have a time limit for that where I don’t with Bell’s book.
  • Great Link to follow: How to build a Villain by Jim Butcher
  • Goal: catching up in my local critique group (including submitting something this week)
  • Progress: group is on hold for the month of April; however, I have opened up one of the pending files in my inbox to start critiquing it
  • Goal: typing two pages a day of old notebooks in
  • Progress: on track, despite having been slightly behind Wednesday
  • Goal: (VIG) Write new words daily! (the Five Sentences thingie)
  • Progress: Most days, the words have flowed fast and furious. Averaging my daily new story words, it seems I’m getting 1,134 words of new rough (very rough) draft story.  In addition, I’ve been filling up One Note and my Notes feature on my iPhone with all sorts of cool possibilities.  New ideas are definitely not one of my writing problems.

ROW80LogocopySo, it seems like I’m finding my rhythm again, and I’m having lots of fun with my characters.  Each extra moment I’ve spent with them has presented so many precious insights.  Sometimes silly, sometimes sweet things: like knowing that ‘Listii refuses to kill doe rabbits if he knows they’re nursing young, or that Vissellii has been a wallflower (not of her choice) at every festival or society dance she’s ever been to.

Final tally…  a pretty close to perfect week.  I’m feeling it now, however.  No energy.  Absolutely none…  So before I push myself to the next step, which is to add back in one of my beloved blog hops such as WeWriWa (Weekend Writing Warriors) or the Wednesday WIPpet, I’m going to maintain this pace without added commitments.  If I’m inspired by posting time for one of the challenges and I’ve gotten all my critiques for my local group finished and posted, then sure…  I may go for it.  But these goals are my first writing priority.

And at this point, my mind is saying “Don’t even think it.”  😦

Now that you’re done here, how about you give some love to our other great ROWers.

Some Thing Sunday — Concords

A generous harvest

A generous harvest

Welcome to my first installment of “Some Thing (for) Sunday”.  (For those her for a ROW80 check-in, there’s a short one at the bottom of the page.)

If you’ve followed this blog any amount of time, you know I’ve tossed ideas right and left for a regular blog series.  Thing is, I realized, I’m not much into “regular” anything.  It’s part of why I go with group posting projects most of the time such as the WIPpet or ROW80.  Weekly, or even semi-weekly, themes just frazzle me.

But I’d really like to spend more time with you all.  And I wouldn’t mind posting a bit more often.  I think that it would actually be helpful to maintain a bit more of a firm schedule, even if it’s scheduled chaos.

And that’s what this is–scheduled chaos.

CRW_1874_tweakI will be waking up each Sunday morning and offering you something.  Today it’s some lovely pictures of the concord grapes growing outside our house on a trellis made of 10ft wooden poles and chicken wire.  In this image you can see the spot, complete with my 3ft tall peach tree (for such a tiny tree, we get a lot of peaches out of it–almost an 8qt handlebasket’s worth this year, and it produces every year).  You can also see my (now faded with the ending season) clematis, my lavender (which is almost as tall as the peach tree), and the fact that I am an abysmally poor gardener.  This plot is a little over  5ft by 5ft, and it’s engulfed by Queen Anne’s Lace, goldenrod, various wildflowers…

It usually is empty

It usually is empty

It also provides shelter for my butterfly house and lots of color year round.  In spring, the soft pink peach blossoms and bees fill the air with activity.  In summer, the purple clematis and green young grapes make a cool counterpoint to the warm orange and golds of the young peaches.  In fall, the grapes are succulent indigo, and the leaves are changing to reds and yellows…

Even in winter we have color… fading grapes up above easy reach feed the birds who stay all year, blue jays, cardinals with their colorful wings, merry chickadees who sing for seeds by the front porch…

Nature's candy

Nature’s candy

It started out, as so many of my gardening projects do, with a sense of purpose and order.  But it shifted as Nature took over, and the bed needed my assistance less and less to support itself…  Now it grows mostly unhampered.  This year I did support the peach tree while it sagged from trying to produce so much fruit.  In fact, next year it will start the season with its own crutch.  I’ll remember to trim the lavender down before Spring takes hold so it doesn’t have to work so hard to survive.  I’ll pull some of the chicory and wild carrots from the main bed and add a new layer of mulch and seashells.

Until next year, I’ll savor this year’s returns.


Just a quick check-in here….

Some for later...

Some for later…

Missed my Five Sentences the other day, trying to stay on track, but my head wants me to read, read, read and little else.  Sometimes note-taking…  The good thing is that I’m getting my head better into beta reads than I had been.  All this reading has been good for my line-editing progress on my own stories too.

And ROW80 Fitness progress…

Exercise?  Mediocre progress, at best.  Maybe it’s the changing seasons and the “knowing” that Winter’s on its way.  I can’t imagine so, given that I don’t feel inspired to scurry about at harvesting and gathering.  If anything, I’ve been evacuating and cleaning my house obsessively.  Maybe I’m in the wrong hemisphere?  😀

Rest Stop — a WIPpet/ROW80 post


Wednesday evening here we are… Time for another WIPpet post and ROW80 check-in.

Today is the 7th of August, so here are seven lines for your reading pleasure from Swan Song, third book of the series (still working on the name).

For this WIPpet, I am taking you  back to Vissellii and ‘Listii as they are leaving home to head for the market.  This scene happens before Meeting and after Finally Gone.   ‘Ssellii has taken her brother to one of the small gatherings of houses that the migrant Holder farmers that help her family in the Harvest seasons.

Instead of getting upset, ‘Ssellii sighed. It could have been far worse, she figured. And so, she walked over, uprighted the empty pails and poured the remnants of the tipped pail into the wash basin.

Washing basin

Then she retrieved the full pail from her brother’s unresisting arms. She didn’t trust his stumbling step to not spill the water everywhere as she had him move over to the trench hall.

She’d chosen this Holder House specially once she’d seen it for its trench hall. She would deal with outhouses and streamside washing when she had to later. For now she had access to shelves and spare sponges and clothes… and a seat to sit her brother on that would keep man from collapsing in his own offal if he became off-balance while relieving himself.

Maintained and promoted by K.L. Schwengel at My Random Muse, #WIPpet writers post pieces of a draft (Work In Progress) that somehow relate with the date for commentary and consideration.  Feel free to comment here, and visit other #WIPpeteers.  We love company.


I took days off.  Many, many days…

The first Ferris wheel from the 1893 World Col...

I was supposed to have had a First Friday Photo post this past Friday.  I didn’t have any inspiration for the post, nor did I have Photoshop up and running for all the neat pictures I’ve taken lately.

Most weeks I’d feel somewhat guilty.  I don’t this one.  My husband took the week from work.  We’ve gone out for a “date day” of walking in the woods and a visit to The Great Escape yesterday.  We’ve had some home time, some television togetherness time, some…  us time.  I missed my sponsor visits on Monday because we didn’t have internet access in the house when I didn’t have to be driving my son places.  Mondays are busy days for us.

I got a lot of exercise (walking around amusement parks and trying to not spend any money on park food is great for weight loss, trust me…), a lot of reading done…  and even my five sentences a day.

What wonderful things have happened in your lives this week?

Photo Credit:

  • Washing basin (Photo credit: Ahoova)
  • The first Ferris wheel from the 1893 World Columbian Exposition in Chicago. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)