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Did You Ever… ROW80?

Almost two months ago I posted the first of what was supposed to be three posts for the Versatile Blogger Award I’d been given by the darling Natasha Guadalupe (who could not join us this ROWnd, but says she’d love to get some more writing in)…..

That first post went something like this:

Did you ever feel that the Universe was reading your mind?

It’s been one of those days–one of those glorious weeks actually when every thing I do or see somehow has a deeper connection to the mental stew I’ve been brewing.  Right now the dish I’m trying to serve up is a bit odd to say the least.  The flavor certainly isn’t right, odd textures, and a lot of it is just water and some bouillon cubes.  Yes, I should have made stock, but I was in a hurry to start some things cooking.  People wanted to eat, and I felt like a truck had dragged me down the Thruway behind it.

But the stuff I saw along the way….  Wow!

Very Yummy Eggplant StewIt seems almost comical to read those words now.  Not that things are any harder or more challenging or that I seen newer and brighter things that put my naivete of that post to shame….  I mean, in a sense, they are, they keep getting that way, and I have…but I have come to understand that is part of the beauty and magic that comes for being involved with challenges like the ROW80 and the A-to-Z blogging challenge (though yet again I did not join in the fun choosing instead the once a year Story A Day challenge to fill my May play book).  It is also why groups the WANAs and even the classic discussion lists of SFF.net and Usenet have built the followings they have.

Because there connection is magic.  Connection is love and beauty.

It’s not hard to figure out how one of the most powerful human abilities became nearly synonymous with that universal act of sex and reproduction.  There is a kind of magic there, of making something new, of giving life and new voice existence, and for many lucky species on this planet….connection.  Euphoria, empowerment (along with some fear and hurt, yes), passion, intensity and love…  The creative act is an act of connection, be it with a higher power or with one’s own true self.

Just imagine what can happen when that act of connection is shared among so many many….

Did you ever ROW80?  I have.  MMmm….

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Renewed Understanding and Freedom

For anyone who reads my ROW80 check-ins, it won’t be much of a surprise that I’ve been slowly spiraling downhill the past few weeks.  For that matter, given that I’ve forgotten to do the next to posts I promised for my Versatile Blogger Award, obviously I haven’t been keeping my ducks waddling along steadily or in a row.

In fact, I took this last week off to get back in touch with myself.  Sorry about the lack of posts and delayed replies (as well as the not visiting), but I wanted to spend my son’s school break with him (and my husband) and not always hiding away behind my computer screen.  It served two purposes. Continue reading