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Not Never


Life has this little habit of distracting us from ourselves and our creative outlets.  At least, that’s what it does to me.  House buying, especially, seems to put its pinch on my writing (and any other creative endeavor, save perhaps day dreaming or decorating planning).

That said, looking at houses when you don’t need to pick one can inspire characters, worlds, even whole plots.  What would you all make from this place?  (a tip…  sometimes Realtor.com allows you to look up not only the present listings of homes but images from prior listings if you look for a home that has been recently sold…  try looking up your own home; you might be surprised at what you find)

House hunting (and all that it has involved, even down to having to UN-buy a home that wasn’t at we’d been lead to believe… on several levels) has pretty much taken all of my mental energy lately.  I have managed to keep up regular posts for the ROW80 blog and during some of the car rides between NY and NJ, I’ve caught up on my reading (presently 2/3s of the way through Priestdaddy by Patricia Lockwood), and get a bit of editing done as well as get partway through a beta read I’m doing for a fellow RWA member.

Not much else…  packing has slowed, cleaning has staggered…  barely clinging to life, and now we’re in the month of Mabee Birthdays, so if I spontaneously start talking about presents and/or deserts, please bear with me. At least the calories here are virtual ones.  😉

And now for my regular Wednesday offering, the bit you’ve all been waiting for…

a WIPpet!

Since I’ve only been able to get edits done lately and my goal has been to get some of my fanfiction posted online, today’s snippet comes from the Was Long Variation.  A short excerpt from ‘Listii’s POV, six paragraphs for the 6th of March.

He waited as Audric and Gillian reviewed the facilities. Should he call Ansi-Desorta and reserve a space at the pools, he wondered. He wasn’t up to dealing with a crowd today. In his arms, ‘Myyu leaned carelessly. The child giggled, playing one of those games that only young ones could understand with the girl, Flora.

Valistii smiled when she noticed his glance. The smile wasn’t meant solely to reassure her. He remembered another little girl of that age from long ago. He set his son down. “My arm’s tired, miska. Stay put and don’t touch anything.”

He went over to learn the consensus from his charges before he dwelt longer on how much the girl looked like Atyr had at five.

Loading DNA samples cred. Wikipedia Commons

“Will you need anything further of me?” he asked.

Audric looked up from where he’d been reviewing the isolation tanks, running his finger through the air by the touch pad. “I could wish the specs weren’t in Acarian, so I knew exactly how finely these can be calibrated, but otherwise this looks like it’ll do well. Do your people use a gel method—.” The man stopped himself short. “I’m sorry. I should probably wait and ask your technicians such things.”

‘Listii tried not to look annoyed, though he feared he did. It never failed to amaze him how his military station seemed to imply to so many that he had shit for brains. “We require acrylamide be used in an isolab. I already requested an assistant to help you there. Depending on your needs, agarose might suffice. Any electrophoresis will be handled by our techs. I confess some curiosity though. I thought you’d already tested these grafts.”

I really hope you enjoyed this excerpt.  If you’re interested in joining in, head over to the WIPpet linky and visit some our other awesome members. WIPpet Wednesdays are hosted by Emily Wrayburn at Letting the Voices Out.

Damaged Goods

MjAxNC04ZjBlYTU5ZmNiZjdiZjY4Well, THIS was supposed to go out yesterday…  Had everything planned and scheduled and then “poof”!  Yesterday went crazy.

So here it is now.

About this WIPpet…

This extract comes deep into one of my fanfiction stories, the Dots.  Yes, I know that name means nothing.  Well, except for the weird way I named files on my old 8086–silly names like stuff, morestuff, or in the case of the Dots, dotdash, dashdash, etc. Who knows?  Maybe I was looking for help with my writing at the time from a supernatural source….

Either way, the Dots and its companion piece, the Was Variation that I’ve used here many times, have grown into wonderful sandboxes for character exploration.  In this piece, I have one of my regular MCs, Kieri Vestimorn having the table yanked right out from under him…  in a few ways.  Backdrop:  his lover (Atyr) is in the hospital, poisoned; he’s being escorted through the secure medical facility to see her by Venei (whom he just found out is his half-brother); Venei knows Atyr as his step-mother.

Convoluted?  Yep.  , so…  using the simplest of maths, here it is…  10 small paragraphs for the 28th (2+8=10).

Before his half-brother could debate his suggestion, Kieri grabbed for the man’s hand and drew him through the door with him, astounded as he did by the audacity it took on is part to do such a thing.

Once he found himself flung solidly against the door jamb, his brother’s hand pressed fiercely up under his chin, his surprise grew as he realized he should be glad he was still alive.

Despite the speed Venei had reacted, the man’s expression was quiet—not the still, cold calm his uncle could show, but calm, and satisfied. “You won’t be doing anything that stupid again, I hope,” the man purred.

The man’s hand burned against his skin, a fire he’d become too aware of lately. A fire, he knew better than to acknowledge, not here, not now.

Maybe not ever…

Especially given that Venei could not be unaware of his reaction or how he felt, and yet there was no sign on the other man’s part that the fire was touching him.

Those brows rose slowly after a second. First a slight, curious elevation that grew, with a sudden sharpness, into shock. The man blinked, then drew back as if the fire had scorched him.

It was then, that Kieri realized they’d drawn something of an audience. He considered his half-brother’s retreat and the possible reasons uncharitably even so.

The man had already called him damaged goods, after all.

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There’s Plenty Made

Another Wednesday, another WIPpet… and…  I made it even.  Yay me….

Another piece of the Was Long Variation….  We’re into the next morning and that sparring match is coming up.

Simple maths: 8 short paragraphs: (7 + 9) /2 =8 short paragraphs (after tossing away the 1+5=6 from last week’s post)

The governess looked like a giant compared to the rest of the Queen’s staff, but she danced like a little girl as she dodged her youngest charge. Mystii and another girl came up behind her. The kitchen maids set down two huge trays of food in the center of the table

There were stacks of waffles (Jayce could smell the rich malty flour), bowls of whipped fresh cream, berries of several kinds, plates of toast, carafes of milk and juice…. A small pot that smelled of coffee was placed between Tiiran and Keith.

His mother arrived next. Her hair was pulled back in tight braid. The woman’s skin-tight black bodysuit added to the stark effect. She smiled at her family and guests, each in turn, a smile that hinted at her more mild nature but did not allow it free. She sat down. The first one to reach for the food, the queen served herself half a waffle, two full cups of berries, and piled half a serving bowl’s worth of the whipped cream on top of her meal.

“Mom! Leave some for us!” cried Nytramli.

“Quiet, Martyn,” scolded Shenta. She waved behind her to another serving girl who set out two more bowls of cream. “There’s plenty made.”

His step-brother promptly dug in.

Next to him, Tiiran looked at the queen. “Martyn?”

His mother laughed. “Yes. Martyn is Nytram spelled backward. Speaking of Nytram….” She looked over at the boy as he was finally passing the bowl to Andreya. “Martyn, dear, would you take Tiiran down to the weapons room after we eat and help him pick out–?” She turned back at the captain. “What kind of match do you prefer?”

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