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Though it’s Thursday again, I have a WIPpet for you all.  First a check-in for the Round of Words in 80 Days writing challenge.  My goals are here at my name blog.

Yesterday, I posted a comment check-in to the FB group. This is a cut/paste of what I wrote plus…

Not a lot of progress. Had family over yesterday, spent time cleaning house. Did some blog updates and all my ROW80 visits. Explored some research of neurogenesis and how brain injury affects behavior, plotted out how this might relate to the talents and witchcraft among many of my characters,.. started writing up how one of my MCs deals with brain surgery after his wife’s death (yes, these things are related).

No fresh art except to study some drawing books and get an idea for how to draw hands better.

I also arranged a schedule with my accountability partner, Jennette Marie Powell. And I figured out one of the flaws I had in my goals for this round of words. Adjustments to come.

Baby steps….


Today WIPpet, as promised in Even Louder (my last post from Singer of the Swan Song for a while) is of a more fun bent, being from a JatWW fanfic I write when I need to decompress.  Today’s piece comes from what may be a new section opening for the Was Variation.  Fifteen sentences for 01/03/19…

15 = 01+03 – 1+9 – an extra 1 for being late so many times.

‘Listii caught himself just before he backhanded Brüan. For a moment he lay still, his arm shadowed in the glow of the streetlights.

Taking care to relax his tense limbs, he tried curling up against his pillows, bunching them close, tight, a buffer against…

Wrong. Everything felt wrong, awkward, out-of-place. Even before he tried punching the lumping stuffing into submission, he knew it wouldn’t help.

It didn’t. Might have even become worse.

Accepting the inevitable, he scooched over to his side of the bed and dangled his feet over the side. Next to him, Brüan rustle in a dream and clutched at his blanket. She already had the other two tangle about her. ‘Listii unwrapped himself and patted it toward her side of the bed, giving a wry glance at the woman as she gathered the discarded flannel to her chest and buried her face in it.

He swore she sighed his name before settling.

Before he dwelt to long on his lover’s actions, he set his feet on the floor. How? he wondered as he curled his toes. Two centimeters of wool pile and it still felt like he was stepping on ice.

I hope you enjoyed this snippet.  If you’d like to read more, head over to the WIPpet linky and visit some our other awesome members. WIPpet Wednesdays are hosted by Emily Wrayburn at Letting the Voices Out.  And if you’d like to join in, just do it.  The rules are simple.  Post a sample of your present work in progress to your blog that relates in some vague way to the date.  As you can see, you use some pretty crazy maths.  The real point is to have some fun with words and share the writing experience with others.

Rain, Rain… Coming Down


Pretty much the skies here

Rainy, dreary days, like today, sap the mental circuits.  I’ve stared at this monitor for almost two hours already, and I still don’t know what direction to take this post in.  I mean, it’s not a lack of writing (or ideas).  Creatively, life has been good, and the muses have been generous with their gifts.

What do I see?  Sunshine reflecting off a car window outside…  Ooh, sparks!  Will it be enough to kickstart the old gray matter?

Oh, it’s gone now.

But it was here long enough for me to read over the last few scenes I was writing in The Was Variation (hmm, I’ve got to stop calling it my Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors fanfiction; the story left that world nearly a novella’s worth ago and has dwelt solely with my storyworld since).  Looks like you’re going to get five small paragraphs from the fourth Variation “book” today:

In this excerpt, ‘Listii and Alanii have been dragged into the medical office of their military base for a not-routine check-up.  This is from ‘Listii’s POV; just for you, Shan.

“Glad to hear that,” he muttered. He gave Alanii a wry grin as the man looked on with an odd expression. He wondered if the man still envied him this. It wasn’t as if the device had done all they’d hoped. Except that he didn’t need to be conscious to take an arringtine pill, he still wasn’t going to make it too long without his ‘tianiel.

He knew he was wincing, nervous twitches running along his body as Koru took his readings, stimulating his system in various ways. When he’d first received the implant, he’d tried holding back his reactions. Now he just let them flow through and past him. It was another annoyance like any other in life. He’d volunteered to be the program guinea pig anyway. What right did he have to complain?

“What you smiling at, blue-eyes?” he grumbled. He hated being hooked in this way, hated it even more when others were around to watch it. Why in Her Name hadn’t Valary hadn’t taken ‘Myyu to another room yet? At least she was able to get up and leave when he caught her gaze and mouthed, ‘take him out’. Alanii was as stuck as he was at the moment.

Alanii was gnawing at his lip the way he did when he was wishing he had his pipe. But the man did stop long enough to give him a real smile. “Nothing serious. I just was wondering what we might see if we plugged you into one of the master viewers in the Council Hall. Do you get good reception?” The man’s mouth twitched as the tech next to him undid the tourniquet. He rolled down his sleeve before waiting for a bandage.

“A hell of a lot better than you’re going to when they let me up.” He glared at Alanii. Bad enough he had to deal with this. Did the man have to add bad jokes on top of it all? “You’re taking longer than normal, Senior,” he said after a bit. “What’s that damned screen telling you?”

It’s WIPpet Wednesday where we post a piece of our Work In Progress at this linky and offer support and constructive observations to our fellow WIPpeteers.  Jump on in and join us.  We’re a friendly group.  Thanks to Kathi at My Random Muse for hosting.

ROW80 Check-in

ROW80LogocopyOh, happy day!  Excepting this morning’s slow start, things seem to be on the upswing.  Guarded cheers…  Today’s been pretty much… well, not so up.

  • write every day; at the minimum, do 5 sentences new story, most of the first draft of my sponsor post, plus
  • finish a complete (rough) draft of Courting the Swan Song   more backstory on Andre; she’s becoming such a fun character to explore
  • make twice weekly blog posts (WIPpet Wednesdays and Some Thing 4 Sundays) not only the basics, but an extra post this week!
  • maintain active sponsor participation  check
  • energize myself with more physical activity  Easter Egg hunts, volunteer time, playgrounds….  I kept busy
  • reclaim my writing space no progress here
  • go through some piece of my electronic home (desktop, laptop, server space, Dropbox, etc.) nice shiny clean Inboxes
  • laugh more, hug my family more, share myself with friends more…  I could use some more of this today; it’s been a hard day, even if yesterday was full of cuddles….
  • attend chats and sprints on Twitter (at least one of each) two

Time to go now.  Tonight is the Boodle’s promotion to a Blue Belt in karate.  Need to get the boy soon and get him to the dojo for warm up.



I expect this will be the last post from my fanfiction the Was Variation for a while.  I’ve allowed myself enough escape time from Courting the Swan Song that I’ve lost track of the story I wanted to tell (thank the gods for notes).

Perseid Meteor Seen From Space (NASA, Internat...

For today though, given the departure theme, let me give you ten sentences from Kieri’s perspective as he and his passengers head off in search of Jayce’s father …  and Kieri’s own (though he hasn’t told anyone of his plans yet).  Ten equals twelve for the date minus two for the month.

There were no long good-byes. He managed a discrete wave to Martyn and Anocka when Atyriaa wasn’t looking. When she was, she shooed the children from him as if he were virulence itself. Not once did the shadow fade from her eyes until they were secure in the ship. Then, because he knew she’d sense his Sight, he panned the family watching their departure with The Pride’s high aspect sensors.

Alaska’s Pavlof Volcano: NASA’s View from Space

And only after the ship was well beyond the atmosphere did he finally see her again. He watched a small tear that slid down her cheek, watched her whisk it away with a fingertip, watched as her expression turned soft and, if not loving, at least tender. Just as the scanners could no longer make out the details, he used his Sight, just to see her whisper “Thank you for understanding.”

But he didn’t.

Warmest regards ( especially in this sub-zero weather)  to K.L.Schwengel for herding the WIPpeteers each week.  Head over to our linky to visit us!

ROW80 Check-in

Consistency was my overarching theme for this ROWnd, and it seems o finally be happening.  Days go by, and more often than not, I’m making steady progress on most of my goals.  It may be time to step up the pace on a few.  Or, I may need to shift my focus to those few that keep hanging on, barely touched:

  • write every day; at the minimum, do 5 sentences everyday, although not always fiction
  • finish a complete (rough) draft of Courting the Swan Song  no progress since last week
  • make twice weekly blog posts (WIPpet Wednesdays and Some Thing 4 Sundays) on a consistent schedule check
  • maintain active sponsor participation more progress on the sponsor post (although still not done); the rest– check
  • energize myself with more physical activity relaxed Monday, solid workout yesterday
  • reclaim my writing spaceI found my desk, even removed some papers from it
  • go through some piece of my electronic home (desktop, laptop, server space, Dropbox, etc.) cleared out some more emails–yeesh that stuff piles up!
  • laugh more, hug my family more, share myself with friends more… Mom’s Night Out with Shan Jeniah last night; visit to the “out-laws” on Sunday and a family symphony with Dan and the Boodle (Michigan Miller and the Search for the Lost Symphony) because the Boodle loves his symphonies too
  • attend chats and sprints on Twitter (at least one of each) no Twitter activity at all since Saturday

So that’s it for me for now.  Time to go to the dentist and get a crown re-cemented.

Photo credits:

  • Perseid Meteor Seen From Space (NASA, International Space Station, 8/13/11) (Photo credit: NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center)
  • Alaska’s Pavlof Volcano: NASA’s View from Space (Photo credit: NASA Goddard Photo and Video)
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