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Finally Gone — a WIPpet/ Row80 post

wippetwednesday_zps53e803c0Wednesday!  Oh, evil, evil Wednesday to creep up on me so quickly…

Wednesday means it’s time for the next installment of a WIPpet and a ROW80 check-in to boot.  Good thing I prepared for this since last week.  We’ll see what happens next week…

In celebration of June, I thought I would add six (June is the sixth month after all) paragraphs following ‘Ssellii and ‘Listii’s departure from home.  Remember that, for the moment, their brother*, Val, is actually using ‘Listii’s body.

“So what would you have done if she’d insisted on an escort?” Val asked once they were leaving the main house grounds.

‘Ssellii stopped looking off into the distance, and after looking at her brother, shrugged. “Nothing? Accept it? Suffer?” She raised a brow as she felt the reins get pressed into her hands. “Must you leave so soon?” She looked up to meet his gaze.

Val smiled a touch. Though he was never as vibrant when he’d made the cross into ‘Listii’s body as when he was actually there in person, this smile was less than he could have managed. “I didn’t want Mother to worry more than she already will, but I need to get back. I’ll see you this evening as promised.”

Before she could open her mouth to ask anything she saw the futility of asking him to stay. Already her brother’s face was slackening, the brightness and focus in his eyes fading to the near ever-present half-asleep lidded glaze ‘Listii faced the world with.

“Pull up your chin cup, ‘Listii dear,” she said quietly, looking away from his vacant gaze. Though she knew from the echoes of motion next to her that he’d set to doing as he’d been told, she couldn’t bring herself to look.

It was necessary, she knew it, as necessary as the straps that held him to his seat, lest he fall off. She just didn’t want to look at it, any of it.

She wondered if she could manage to keep driving until Val returned for his promised visit.

Deutsch: Frühlingslandschaft in der Schweiz (A...

However, since that doesn’t actually involve the date as good WIPpet should (and we should always encourage good behavior on the part of our pets around others), let me fix it by giving you all five sentences more from Swan Song.  This is from just a bit further on.

Wryly, she realized this sort of thing was exactly what had made Father chuckle when she’d asked him if she might make this season’s market with only ‘Listii as her companion. He too had encouraged her to bring at least an extra armsman to help her with, as she called them, the “little things” But he hadn’t pushed too hard.

She took another sip from the welcome cup, scowling into the beaten brass bowl and the worn tondo of Myékis casting Her mighty blade in the secret of the night. She had no doubt that the man had expected something like this to happen

*I tried to find out if there was a special term for a triplet sibling as there is for twins, but closest I got was “litter mate” and I wasn’t sure I wanted to go there…yet.

Creation of K.L. Schwengel at My Random Muse #WIPpet writers post pieces of a draft (Work In Progress) that somehow relate with the date for commentary and consideration.  Feel free to comment and visit other #WIPpeters.   We love the company.

ROW80 Check-in

ROW80LogocopyWith JuNoWriMo already in full swing, B.U.S.Y….  well, is.   Life continues whether words need writing or not.  In addition to my regular commitments, I’ve added an extra 1677 words a day, as well as duties as a sprint host and some moderating on the JuNoWriMo forums (not work as I see it–this is one of the nicest bunches of writers I’ve met [and all very nice]…  ROW80 level for sure).

It’s been keeping me hopping.

Yesterday,  I took some time off from writing to spend it with an old friend who came to visit.  I still managed to get in 1517 words before he knocked on the door.  Yay me!  😀

The words are coming along nicely.  Since Saturday, I’ve added over 7K on the Swan Song series, plus a Sunday blog post that has been reblogged over at Unicorn Bell (I’m pretty psyched about that), some general notes, standard sponsor duties…  I missed my Five Sentences on Sunday, but that’s all.

I’ve also been playing WriMo Rebel this month.  Though I chose to stay with the standard 50K, I am editing as I go, sometimes even editing older work.  My daily wordcount really looks more like 1325 words added/978 deleted.

fingers crossed

fingers crossed (Photo credit: cinnamon_girl)

I’ve taken the camera out for one day since Sunday.  Walking… eh, not so much, but definitely some more “get up and move by the desk”.  I’m trying very hard to not sit sat my desk too long in a stretch.  ROW80 Fitness is as well as can be expected.

So far things are off to a great start.  *crosses fingers*

That’s it for now.  Why don’t you go visit some other ROWers here?

What? Another #ROW80 – #WIPpet Wednesday?

Cafe Office

Cafe Office

Wednesday, Wednesday….  It seems to come around every week at this same exact time…

Oh, yeah, it’s supposed to do that.   <:-|

#WIPpet Wednesday number two here, and close on its heels is another ROW80 check-in.

Chapters? We don’t need no Stinking Chapters

A strange thing happened when I started looking over my WIPs for this weeks WIPpet–I realized I haven’t written much of anything resembling a chapter in…  Well, almost 20 years.  When I write, I just….write (and then I type it in later).

Even with Release (my sole nod toward chapter breaks over scene breaks), I didn’t start writing chapters.  Those divisions came later… in the fourth or fifth draft.

So I felt a little off trying to find something for today.  I mean, last week’s post was easy; every book has a beginning.  But what do you do when you don’t break up your story into definable parts?

I don’t know what you do (tell me in the comments?), but I fudged it.  Since today’s date is May 8, 2013, I went into my present WIP Swan Song (yes, I know, that fanfic last week was fun, but it’s just the sandbox for Release and Swan Song) and picked out eight paragraphs from the fifth section from my Scrivener project for the beast.

“Are you telling me that you…” The Guard commander paused yet again, his expression completely bereft of the calm that Alanii had begun to associate with the man. After one more broken attempt to speak, the man let out a bark of laughter that caused the whole of the Spotted Hawk’s common room spin to see what had inspired such an outburst.

More than a bit nonplussed Alanii looked at the sea of curious faces, the mass of curiosity surrounding them an assault on his mind. He swallowed and then once more, as his mouth felt suddenly dry. Surely, he thought, nothing he’d done or said should have garnered this sort of reaction.

“Sir?” Alanii asked. His voice cracked, producing barely a whisper despite his attempt to show some strength of will and authority in the face of the guardsman’s mirth. He tried again.  Then when that “sir” had come out as a bare whisper, he picked up the ale the innkeeper had set before him—according to Val, he’d be wise to start drinking the common beverage in case he did end up getting his father’s approval for military training…supposedly wine didn’t travel quite as well as a good keg (although he doubted that). Then, as he tasted the thick, sweet, grainy drink his friend preferred, he understood what Val really had meant.

No wonder the man could go most of a day just on his drinks. Val, and most of the other guards, Alanii realized, drank their dinners. Either that, or someone had poured some very weak porridge into his mug.

The pause he took to run a cautious tongue along his teeth and remove anything that might have settled there had been enough for Lanilis Kailiis to regain his stoicism. The man gave a small shake of his head and then nodded to the glass Alanii had just put down. “What do you think the soldier’s bread?”

The man seemed more than content to simply ignore the fact that he’d drawn so much attention to himself only moments before.

Alanii didn’t know what he should say. The drink wasn’t unpleasant, but it wasn’t something he’d have chosen. Had he tried it a bit younger, he might have acquired a fondness for it close to that of his best friend was. It certainly seemed fortifying enough. “I can stand it,” he said trying to keep his tone neutral. The simple fact that Lanilis Kailiis had called it “soldier’s bread” meant the man had drunk more than his fair share of similar brews during his lifetime. It also implied that the man would likely insist he do the same.

Why did Val always have to be right? Alanii wondered.

There you go…a bit tamer than last week’s piece.  I’d considered posting a bit of Release‘s Chapter 5, but I didn’t want you think that everything I wrote was all death and dismemberment.  Maybe next week….  😉

ROW80 Check-in

YAY!  Writing, writing, and even more writing!

P writing blue

P writing blue (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is that a good enough update?  I mean, it about covers it.  I’ve spent hours of writing, editing, and contemplating my WIPs since Sunday.  In Swan Song, ‘Listii and his sister are checking both sides of the road for signs of an ambush as they try to easy their way through some wild country, tired and wishing they could stop and rest, but not daring to.  In another unnamed story (the one I was posting last year for my Tuesday Snippets), I have Alanii and Valmara trapped in a trysting cave as a tsunami tears through the region, and the millennium of feuding between them and their families may prove more dangerous than the storm.

I’ve edited too.  It’s amazing what one notices after some time away from one’s writing–especially NaNoWriMo produced stories such as the piece I posted for today’s WIPpet!  Yes, I nibbled down the over-writing a touch here.  It’s still needs work, but I figured it was better to post this and write more.  It’s supposed to be a Work In Progress after all!

It’s not all roses this week so far.  I had to call the dentist about another inflamed tooth, and Monday morning I woke up unable to walk on my right foot.  Has anyone else has this happen to them?  It’s like I twisted it in my sleep.  But the afternoon my arch and toes were swollen to about twice their normal size.  Some ibuprofen and all…  it’s better today, but it was weird.

It didn’t keep me from getting some exercise in.  So in all, a pretty good start to the week.  And I missed (and will miss) most of my sprints on Twitter this week.  There are a lot of things to get done and most of them don’t involve me sitting at my computer.

Come and join in our fun bloghops!

wippetwednesday_zps53e803c0For #WIPPet Wednesday, post a bit of your Work In Progress (hopefully a current one so we can encourage its eventual publication).  Make sure the sample you post somehow correlates to the day’s date (perhaps a paragraph on the first, or paragraphs, or lines, or sentences or …  well, something loosely related to the date). Then use this inlinkz linky (complete with blue froggie) to add your post to the collection!

A huge thank you to K. L. Schwengel at My Random Muse for hosting this group.

ROW80LogocopyBrainchild of the talented Kait Nolan, the Round of Words in 80 Days truly is the “Writing challenge that know You have a Life” (and that is Life with a capital L).  The ROW80, as you’ve probably guessed by the multitude of posts I’ve made for it, has become my online home (Thanks, Kait!).  Even more than Facebook…  (definitely more than Facebook!)  Check out the blog, set yourself some goals, read the FAQ and then add your post to the linky and visit some.

Most of all, have some fun and meet some other really wonderful bloggers!